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Egg collection Friday feeling :-(


I had my egg collection Friday and I’m still getting a lot of pain I’ve rung the clinic they said if it continues to go to casualty... I’m taking codeine and paracetamol and it’s not helping tramadol

Did yesterday .. still feeling bloated did anyone else have this problem? Thankyou

There going to freeze the 11 eggs that have fertilised to allow my body to settle down x quite worried at the moment

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Not experienced this but from reading others who have, drink lots of water and bed rest. If it gets worse got to a and e. Hope you get well soon xx

Is the pain still quite severe?

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Only when I move yes x

jm22 in reply to Hidden

It's probably nothing to worry about,but if you're worrying maybe go to a and e if it's not easing.I went after mine cos I just couldn't cope with the pain,I kept apologising that I was wasting their time,but they were lovely and ended up keeping me in overnight to make sure everything was ok.If not can u get in to see ur clinic tomorrow?It took me 4 days to get back to normal,but the pain had eased a lot by the next day, the bloating took the 4 days to go away unfortunately.


I think if you are having to take tramadol to ease the pain, you should get seen. I assume the tramadol was prescribed for something else rather than for post egg collection-unless they anticipated you being in this much pain. Xx

I also think that as it is continuing a couple of days later you should consider going to a&e


No they said to take paracetamol x luckily I had some tramadol

In the cupboard

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