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Trigger shot at 9pm tonight!

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It’s happening! Can’t believe I’m so close. I have EC on Monday at 8am. I was told no injections tomorrow...I take it that means Monday too? Trigger injection at 9! X

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Ha! Its me replying to your post again lol. How exciting goodluck. Yes after your trigger no more injections 👏🏻 xxx

I can’t believe I’m excited to do an injection 😂 But every day is one step closer right lol xx

I know i was aswell, but once they finished i kind of missed them lol

Haha i hope to never have to do this again..trying for a baby has never been less exciting and unsexy 💉😂 How are you feeling? Xx

Haha i so agree lol im ok feeling a little nauseous but ok so far xxx

Is it weird that I’m scared to move or do anything because I’m trying to stay that relaxed? X

Wishing you lots of luck for EC! I remember that excitement for the last injection xx

I hope the injection went well - I remember feeling really nervous about it. It is definitely the hardest injection because so much is riding on it. Good luck for collection on Monday xx

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Thank you. Injection was fine. Felt very similar to the Gonal one to be honest. I’m scared to move now haha just want to be so careful x

Hope the trigger shot went ok and good luck for your EC. No more injections now ☺️ x

Hi! I also took my trigger injection last night and have EC tomorrow; feeling excited/nervous too- good luck!! Xx

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kirstyblue in reply to AbbeyT

Thank you! Good luck to you too? I’ve been told not to do injections today but they didn’t mention anything about tomorrow before EC..I have been told on the forum not too but the information sheet says take medication as normal?? X

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AbbeyT in reply to kirstyblue

My understanding is no more injections after the trigger..... x

Best of luck ❤️

Good luck, I hope you get lots of beautiful eggs out, but if you don't you only need a few good ones. EC didn't really hurt for me, it was uncomfortable and obviously embarrassing, for a shy sole like myself anyway but I didn't find it painful. Fingers crossed for you xx

Yup! Trigger shot is your last one - well done for getting this far!!! Hope all goes well for EC x

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kirstyblue in reply to Snowy76

Thank you 😊 x

Good luck for your egg collection - remember to be kind to yourself! xx

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Thank you! I’m starting to get really nervous! I wish I was being properly put out and not just sedated. How are you? X

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Esme78 in reply to kirstyblue

You'll be absolutely fine and not feel anything. Be kind to yourself afterwards. Make sure you have a meal waiting for you at home, and take the necessary rest for the next day or so. I did feel good after a good night sleep and have spent day reading, resting and watching TV; later we went for a short walk to get a bit of fresh air.

I am about to start long protocol IVF/ICSI - starting medication on Friday next week and getting both excited and anxious at the same time. Do let us all know how you get on tomorrow.

Just wanted to wish you luck for collection!xx

Thank you! Do you know if my partner will be allowed in with me during the procedure? I’m so nervous x

No, but you will be sedated for collection so please don't worry. It will be over before you know it and it's painless! Do tell the nurse how you are feeling though, they are lovely!xx

Good luck for EC tomorrow xoxo

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Thank you! Xx

Thank you for all your well wishes 😘

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