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Provera to delay periods-stressed!!

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Hello has anyone been prescribed this for this reason.

We are due t go in holiday at the end of the month and I’m due my period which is just not what you want when your trying for a baby but then for it to ruin your holiday as well!! I went

To the gp to see if I could have northisterone but she wasn’t happy to prescribe and suggested provera instead- has anyone got any thoughts on this - or should I just suck it up and be on my period on holiday and stop messing with my body??

Ahhh dilemmas and stress these are the things people who don’t have fertility issues don’t ever have to think about and it’s put me in a right funk

3 Replies

I saw a post from someone not so long ago who took something to stop her period for her honeymoon and it messed to her cycle for several months afterwards, she was worried it would delay her ivf. I think it was nothisterone (sorry if spelled wrongly) though. Would you be bothered if it messed up your cycle? If so, maybe don’t take it x

I was prescribed provera to help with a luteal phase defect - progesterone instability. It was a stupid decision by the fertility clinic as the dose was far too small to sustain a pregnancy as we discovered when I had a chemical on the first cycle. It was also not strong enough to prevent me from spotting on the next two cycles.

Anyway, putting my own annoyances to one side, my first cycle after taking provera wasn't normal, I ovulated a week late and my luteal phase was about 17 days rather than 15, with early spotting. This could, however, have been caused by the chemical pregnancy, and I had no problems with cycle lengths on the next 2 cycles with provera, nor with cyclogest.

Everyone will react differently so ultimately its your choice, but it's unlikely to screw up your cycle too much. Provera is normally prescribed in cases of PCOS to kick start the cycle, bringing on a bleed. So it is a "fertility" drug rather than something that has been less tried and tested in the fertility sphere.

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I've been prescribed both provera and norethisterone on different occasions before to induce a period as mine are so irregular. Only took the norethisterone - to induce my period after about 200 days without one!! No side effects, period a bit more painful than before (but only had a couple when not on the pill so hard to compare). Then had my next period cd49 which isn't bad compared to 7 months without one!

Didn't use the provera as period came on its own anyway - it was prescribed so I could add schedule my HSG if it didn't come naturally xxx

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