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D&C scheduled for tomorrow morning. Reality of what is happening is setting in :(


I discovered last week when we went in for my 7 week scan that it was a blighted ovum, a perfectly formed placenta but no embryo. What we thought was going to be our first time hearing our baby's heart beat ended in heart break, we were not prepared for this outcome at all as my HCG levels were exceptionally high.

I've spent the last week still experiencing morning sickness which is horrible especially knowing the outcome of the situation. Tomorrow morning (AU time) I will be going in for the D&C which will be good for closure but also difficult.

I've always been the tough and stoic one but this pain and heart break I'm feeling is at a completely different level. I'm sorry for this soppy post but on here I can be completely raw and honest and know that unfortunately I am surrounded by women who know how I am feeling.

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Hey, I am so sorry to hear your news. Sending hugs. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xx

Thank you Barbara xx


Sending you lots of love and strength 😘 been there 6 times and had 3 Erpcs so the shock and devastation is all too familiar. Take your time to grieve but treat yourself too!! I promise it will get easier and you will get stronger! 😘xxx

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Hi Natalia I'm sorry to hear that you have been through this so many times, thank you for your kind words xx

Oh honey, just so devastating!! Thinking of you!!xxx

Thanks lovely xx

How devastating for you, my thoughts are with you, 💕💕

Thanks Melissa xx

Sorry to hear your news it is an awful experience I’ve just mc naturally at 12w for the 2nd time. I totally feel different about getting pregnant again.

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I'm so sorry to hear that, thank you for your kind words xx

I’ve been there with a D and C after a missed miscarriage and then after my next one I had medical management. I’m always so sorry for anyone having to go through this as I know how devastating it is. Thinking of you xx

Thanks for your kind words lovely and I'm sorry to hear that you have been through this xx

So sorry to read this, it truly is heartbreaking!! 💔 I’ve been there with a 10wk MMC and now a chemical!! Look after yourself & one day at a time!! xx

Thanks lovely for your kind words and sorry to hear that you have been through this xx

So sorry to hear this.. it really isnt nice.. i had a missed misscariage so i had all the signs of being preg but lost the twins at 11weeks

Make sure u have lots of rest after ur D and C xx

Feel so sad reading your post. Really sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you tomorrow. I have had 2 D and C's in the past so can identify with you. Hope you are getting and will continue to get the support that you need now and in days to come. Such a devastating and painful time for you. Just take one day at a time and don't bottle up your feelings. You will survive this. I lost for the third time in March 2017. In May of this year I gave birth to a little boy. Don't give up on this journey. Take care. Sending you a hug. I am here if you need a chat.xo

Thanks lovely your kind words and support however most importantly sharing your story of hope xx

I hope all goes ok for you today xx

Thanks lovely xx

So sorry for your loss. Hope everything goes okay xx

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Thanks lovely, I've been in this morning (AU time) and back home. I'm glad this day is now over xx

I feel your pain I really do. I’m so sorry. Take care and look after yourself xxxx

Thanks Missy for your kind words xx

Tight tight hugs ❤️❤️

Thanks Steph xx

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