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Little disappointed only 4 fertilissed


Hi everyone

I had my egg collection yesterday and was able to retrieve 9 eggs - I was a little disappointed

Phone call this morning from my embryology who advised 4 has fertilised - I have been upset all morning due to being disappointed with this number I would have liked to be higher

Does anyone know of any success stories with such little eggs making it to transfer feel a really emotional today all this work and see no success now

Sorry for the rant but I don’t want to discuss with my other half and make him upset xx

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Hi Stacey, we only got 4 eggs on our second ivf go, 3 fertilised, 2 made it to 5 day blasts, had 2 put in and now 31 weeks pregnant with twins! I was convinced it was all over after EC with such low numbers. You never know what will happen, don't give up hope. Always quality over quantity ❤️ xxx

Oh how disappointing for you. Sorry to hear that. I can understand you being upset.

But I’d say it’s quality over quantity and if they weren’t right it’s best they go.

4 is still a really good number and you have a good chance of success with 4 embryos. Hopefully you should get some to freeze.

When are they transferring the embryo?

Good luck xoxo


Hi lovely, exactly the same happened to me. 9 eggs, only 4 fertilised - the others weren't mature enough. 3 made it to Blasto and one put back, 2 in the freezer.

Sadly, first fresh transfer ended in a chemical pregnancy, but currently 7 weeks pregnant with a natural FET. Still have one in the freezer.

It's quality over quantity and hope that they hold on to make great embryos for you! Good luck and don't loose hope xx


Hi Hun, I had 6 eggs collected which I was a bit gutted about, 4 fertilized & I had 3 transferred back on day 3. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with my baby boy. It can be done believe me. Wishing you lots of luck 😘 xx

Hi lovely my doctor always tells me not to focus on numbers as it only takes one, however I'm a numbers person so it's difficult not to focus on the numbers.

My first cycle had 13 eggs, 8 fertilised, 2 blasto, 1 frozen, BFN.

Second time round I had 10 eggs, 5 fertilised at this point I was extremely disappointed however we ended up with 3 blasto, 2 frozen. Unfortunately I miscarried at 7 weeks.

Good luck xx

The last round I had out of 9 mature eggs, 7 fertilised. Of those two made it to blastocyst stage. Neither worked for us but I know of other women who by day five has only 1 blastocyst and nothing suitable to freeze and it worked. It really is quality over quantity plus the uterine environment xx good luck with the rest of the process xx

I had 8 collected 5 fertilised and 3 made it to day 5 blasts- they only put 1 back due to my age but I unfortunately they did 't think the others would survive the freeze and thaw process so that one blast was our only hope- I was devastated after all that to only have 1 and think if it didb't work we would have to start back at square one. Thankfully from that 1 we got our bfp and i'm currently 5 weeks 3 days and just praying this little one is sticking around. Remember it only takes one! X

I had 6 collected, 3 fertilised, 1 started looking poor straight away so I had the remaining 2 transferred on day 2, now I'm 20 weeks. I've heard more stories on here of successes with low numbers collected than with high numbers. I'm sure quality over quantity is right xx

My friend got only one to day 5 blast and had that put back in, it was her first round of IVF, that one stuck and she now has a baby girl so it's not all bad news. Good luck xxx

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