Perfect little peanut!

Perfect little peanut!

Very happy and thankful to have reached the 7wk scan (actually 8wks!) with our little peanut.

Just wanted to say to all of you who were so disappointed with your first go, and not being someone who gets lots of eggs collected - don't lose hope! After my first go I was very down with thinking I was going to have to go through this over and over - still might, but there IS a chance now I won't! Good luck to you all, every one of you here are so very strong and deserve your happy ending xπŸ’›πŸ€

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  • Lovely scan picture xx

  • Congratulations 😊 so happy for you xx

  • Enjoyed reading your story this morning with a positive result. I'm in the 2WW and feel this gives me some hope. Thank you and hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xxx

  • Good luck xx

  • Congratulations!! Lovely pic xxx

  • Congrats oxo

  • Ah fab to see your scan this morning! Enjoy and wishing you a healthy pregnancy xxxx

  • Sharing your story gives us all a little hope! ❀️ good luck with your pregnancy, I hope everything goes smoothly. 🀞

  • Fantastic news. Congratulations xxx

  • Lovely news. Congratulations x

  • Lovely to see you scan pic! Congratulations!xx

  • Amazing news and lovely pic. Congratulations. Nice to see IVF working for us endo girls..


  • Fantastic scan photo x congratulations so pleased for you xx

  • Lovely pic, wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations - enjoy every minute!!

  • Fantastic! what a lovely clear pic :) x

  • Beautiful β€οΈπŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Congratulations for your baby. And thanks for your words of encouragement. It is always important to keep hope to the end. Best wishes to both.

  • Great scan picture xx

  • Congratulations - lovely picture xxx

  • Yes a perfect little peanut, absolutely gorgeous, wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy, take care xx

  • Hi Sjt82. As you say, that looks a happy little peanut to me too! Lovely scan picture, so hope all continues to go well with your pregnancy. Thinking of You. Diane

  • Thanks everyone for your kind messages. Still can't really believe we have got this far!! πŸ€πŸ’›πŸ€

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