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Taking vitamin supplements


My doctor has advised me to take fertility supplements. I'm already taking vitamin D3( low levels ) and folic acid. Last year I started to take pregnacare supplements and they delayed my cycle considerably so stppped taking them. We are looking to transfer in the next couple of months (all being well with test results) and I'm worried if I start taking the tablets again my cycle will be messed up. My doctor has recommended me to take fertinea supplements (having treatment in Poland) has anyone had experience of taking these? Or can recommend any other supplements that don't mess with your cycles?

Thank you for your time X

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I don’t have any experience with those supplements. But I wanted to wish you the best with your cycle. Hopefully one of the ladies or Diane will be able to answer your question better xoxo

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Thank you for your reply X


Hi Abaco. You’re taking the two most important vitamins already. If your specialist has recommended additional, then trust him/her and I hope all goes well with your treatment cycle, and of course for success. Diane

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Thank you for replying, will get the supplements and give them a try x

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