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Dear friends, I’m right at the beginning of my fertility journey! Well, maybe not the very beginning, but just beginning. At least I have decided with the destination country. When I was 15 and still didn’t have my period and my mother got worried about me. We went to the doctor and the answer was simple as it is. Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome or MRKH. Those four letters affected me my whole life. My first boyfriend broke up with me the next day after I told him about my “peculiarity”, it made my feminity fade even more. My life changed extremely after I met my husband. He brought the meaning to my life and showed me what the real love is. We are married for a 5 years now and thinking about having a baby. Of course, I can’t carry a child by myself, so we consider surrogacy now.

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My cousin was detected with MRKH at the age of 19 with the help of pelvis MRI.

With overall body checkup, in her case we got to know that she is completely fit except the underdeveloped reproductive system.

Initially it was tough on her,to understand the whole scenario and digest it…..we took different opinions from expert gynaecologists…some were straight and neutral, some were gentle and supportive….we as a family gave her much needed support dat with advances in medical science there are options to have ur own child ( surrogacy) . In case of underdeveloped genitals , there are operations like vaginoplasty. But before that , doctor suggest dilator treatment to see if vagina can be created without Operation.

In a society where we live , lot of importance is given to the child birth in marriages, meaning with this disorder, it is hard to find a husband and in-laws who are ready to accept such girl in a marriage. Every 1 girl out of 5000 is born with this birth defect. People usually get to know about it when she turns 17–18 and doesn't start menstruating…most of the people keep it a secret , thus our society largely is unaware of such disorder where a woman is completely healthy except for inability to reproduce. Ppl fail to understand that she needs to lead a normal life like others , have marriage, have children through surrogacy or simply adopt one.

To answer the question, be thankful to God dat your all other organs are in place and functioning normal. Be thankful that u have a family ,home ,education and abilities to find out medical treatments for this. Focus on your skills , get good education , get a job, have friends, lead a normal happy life….things will fall into place eventually…it’s great that you have someone who loves u as a person irrespective of your physical defect which isn't actually going to affect your relationship with him….

OMG, I'm so sorry. God love you poor thing.. This is the first time I came across sb with mrkh.. Had to google it first. I'm not of much help with this very state of things. But just wanted to support you and share a couple of things. We're currently going through donor egg cycle at ukrainian clinic. We've got to know much about the treatments options here. And this is what we got to know about surrogacy process there. First, I'd say, it's relatively affordable. Costs vary from 32k to 50k. Clinic offers all-inclusive plans which cover everything outside of the plane tickets. By everything I mean all things involving ivf if own eggs are used, surrogate screening and meds cost. It is also the same price if you choose donor eggs to move on. If the first surrogate doesn’t work out, they will try again with another using your frozen embryos until they are successful. If they do failure with the treatment plan they refund money paid. For me the most important is that under Ukrainian law, the baby is yours from the moment of conception. Once the baby is born, the birth certificate is issued with your names, and the surrogate cannot claim any rights. I believe all these facts are worth considering. Could you tell what countries are on your list?

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