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0% Morphology - Globozoospermia


Hi. Just looking for a bit of advice/reassurance. My Husband has had a recent semen analysis with the following results:

Sperm concentration - 211.5 million/ml

Sperm progressive motility - 58%

Normal forms by WHO 2010 - 0.0% - no normal forms seen

Has anyone else’s partner had good results other than morphology, just find it really strange that his count is so high and the progression is good but that none of them are normal shape. There was no comment on the report to say what exactly was wrong with the shape of them, but I have read about Globozoospermia (round headed sperm) on some sites. Just worried we are never going to be able to have a baby if he has :(

Any advice or other people’s experiences would be great. Thanks

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We had double the amount of sperm, normal motility but morphology was low at 2% (which in theory meant we had a ‘normal’ chance of conceiving due to the higher amount). 2 years and no sign of a BFP so in the end we had ICSI and I’m now 25 weeks pregnant. I don’t know what they can do if they all look abnormal for morphology (as in our case they picked the normal out before injecting them), they may fertilise fine using ICSI and just need some help getting into the egg 🤔 I hope this is the case for you and not that they won’t fertilise at all due to the shape 🤞 x

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. Congratulations on the pregnancy 🤰 Did they make you wait 2 years from getting the results to offering you ICSI or was that your choice? Hubbies got to have a repeat analysis so will wait to see what that says. I read on Internet 0.1% of men who have issues with morphology have 0% normal forms, so we will be really unlucky if we haven’t got any to use at all. Did your partner take any vitamins or do any lifestyle changes once he knew? x

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No, we had 1 year of trying, 1 year of tests and then started treatment. ICSI was recommended by the NHS clinic due to the sperm results however we did get told that there was a small increased risk of any male children having issues themselves by doing this over normal IVF, so they only recommend it if necessary (as well as the increased cost of having someone inject the eggs). In terms of changes I made him start taking wellman conception tablets, we don’t drink much and don’t have a bad diet (although could be better) so that was the only thing we did. His result went from 2% to 3% on egg collection day although results can wobble around anyway naturally (he’d had 3 at 2% from what I remember before egg collection). Hope the second test comes back with anything other than 0% for you x

Hi my husband had good sperm count but low morphology and we were recommended that he start taking Proxceed. It’s a sachet he takes twice a day in water and takes 3 months to show progress. It’s basically a sort of fertility for men to help with sperm morphology. His results improved massively and we conceived naturally less than a year later and I am now 15 weeks pregnant. I actually also took he female version of proceed as well as it’s simialr to a pre pregnancy supplement.

My husband was the same, he was tested a few times and each time the count was high and the morphology 0-2%. Taking supplements didn’t make any difference. In his case the cause of it was oxidative stress due to his autoimmune illness that impacts his thyroid and therefore also his fertility. He is now being treated but we were still unable to conceive. He will have another semen test this month so it will be interesting to see if the medication has made any difference. We are planning to start IVF in September. Good luck with everything x

Best of luck Kari55 with the next test results and your IVF in Sept, hope it goes well xx

Hi JM2015,

My OH and I are struggling with 0% morphology (and I think one other factor was low in our case too, maybe count). We were advised for him to take antioxidant supplements (fertilix) and give up alcohol. I would have liked him to switch to loose cotton boxers and move the laptop off the lap but I am trying not to nag too much! We’re 3mths into this and he’ll get restarted in advance of our follow up appointment at the hospital next month. No luck on the pregnancy front naturally yet but we’ve got everything crossed for some improvement in his next test results. We’re assuming we’ll be advised to have IVF with ICSI.

You’ve got to wonder how they name some of the conditions - globozoospermia??? It’s late and I need to go to bed but gosh that word looks funny right now 🤪

Fingers crossed his results improve! All the best x

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