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Normal forms 0%, is there any hope?

Hi guys, my hubby has been tested twice recently and both times came back with normal forms (morphology) 0%. Normal level is >4%. We also have low concentration. Has anyone out there had experience with such a result?

Doc said give up alcohol and take antioxidant supplements so we’re both doing a serious review of our diet and lifestyle (which to be honest isn’t too bad already). And retest in 4mths.

I’m guessing ICSI might be on the cards for us but would that even work on 0% normal forms? I’m hoping all is not lost for us!

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All I know is from my own experience. Husband had low motility when we first tested in 2012 and low morphology 2%. We gave up smoking, he started exercising and he stopped drinking, now and then he'd have a couple beers but I'd say he wasn't really a drinker anymore, not that he drank loads lol. Anyway, six years later we do the tests again and his motility was 60% and morphology was 3%. So there was definitely an improvement. Our only option was icsi. The best option really. So although I don't know a lot about your specific situation, ours did improve with lifestyle changes.

Good luck xxx


Oh motility was originally 15% so that improved loads!!


Lovely to hear that your husbands results improved with the changes you’ve made!


Certain vitamins apparently play a role in helping sperm.. I'm not sure what his results are after months of taking them, but they may have been even better! His vitamins he was told to take were vit c, selenium and zinc. I've heard vit e is good too! Did the doctor say anything about the the morphology? Xx


My personal experience is that male sperm quality can be dramatically improved. Mine was rubbish across the board but improved dramatically, to the extent we got pregnant naturally instead of needing ICSI (which we were told was our only option). Mine went through that change in a about 6 months. Interestingly me trying to improve it (herbs, acupuncture etc.) made it worse! It was only when I let go of the fear of not having a baby, dealt with my limiting beliefs (don't deserve good things etc.) and stop bottling up emotions that suddenly my fertility changed. In some cases there will medical reasons why it is what it is and it may not be able to change but more often than not I believe it can be improved. x


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