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BFN, what happens next


We got a bfn on Friday I think I was expecting it but the symptoms from pessaries give you a bit of false hope. I was just wondering I had my last pessary on Thursday night, how long does it normally take for your period to kick in again?

Does anyone know how long nhs clinics leave between rounds of IVF? They are sending us out an appointment to go back in but it could be at least a couple of weeks.

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I got my periods within about 4 days. I’ve seen on here some other people don’t get period for a while.

At my clinic you have your period after failed treatment and then call on your next period. They then call back to let you know if they have space for you that month. If not you are a priority on your next period. It can be pretty drawn out x

Both my bfn and chemical I got my period within 4 days, thinking of you xxx


I started spotting 2 days before test date and on test date sadly got my period. It was cruel as i had to test even though i was bleeding over the test strip. As i had to email them the results that day. I was advised to give about 3 cycles before starting again. But have not had another cycle yet (been 5 months) as im not mentally or physically ready to. My poor body was on the highest possible dose (in UK) for meds. Even now when i sneeze or cough hard i get pains in my ovaries and my belly is still a bit swollen so its taken its toll a bit xx

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