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Introducing myself!


Good afternoon. After joining a few months ago it's finally time I got round to introducing myself & using the site more.

I'm a single lady living in the Midlands. I have recently been diagnosed with M.E/CFS but have always wanted a family.

Previous long term relationship broke down after 15 years due to differences, one being my desire to have a family.

I find myself alone after dating for the past 5 years but not finding anyone who wished to start a serious relationship / family together.

After visiting my G.P last month to ask about fertility options I was told IVF was available if I had a partner, but basically, to seek counselling to prepare myself for the fact it might not happen. Or, to get out and start feeling better about myself.

Not exactly what I was hoping to hear. I feel lost.

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Welcome to the forum and best of luck with any treatment that you have x

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Thank you!

Hey, welcome! Ive seen a few ladies on here go it alone having IUI or IVF however I think they would have had to pay for their treatment! Wishing you luck going forward!xx

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At the moment private funding is my only option but I'm worried about costs.

Thank you for your welcome!


Best of Luck! Sounds like a good plan to follow what you want as a single lady :)


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Thank you. I'd love to have someone to share it with but time is ticking on!

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You might have someone to share the parenting with if you meet someone nice after the birth :)

I am sure there must be women on here that have been through similar so hopefully you can connect with them!

Best of Luck!


Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your GP wasn’t very empathetic. From my own experience, I found my local GP’s understanding of the IVF process was actually quite limited. Wishing you lots of luck moving forward on your journey. Hoping you can find lots of support here, I know I have. Perhaps you’ll be able to connect with other women here who are in the same situation as yourself xx

Thank you, that's what I'm hoping, people who are in the same situation can often be more informed. I'll mention it again at my next Drs apt with a different Dr!

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