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Dianette ?


My surgery has been pushed back till December for my fibroid removal. Devasted isn’t the word :( as it now means we can’t go for ivf till next summer with healing time etc. However in the meantime I was wondering if I could take dianette to help some of my symptoms, my acne has flared up really bad and my periods are awful. Has anyone had experience taking dianette and do you think it would be an issue for me to take for the next 4-5 months before surgery x

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Dianette really helped my acne when I was younger but I’m not sure about taking it prior to surgery. Your gp should be able to advise xx

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Thank you ! I’ve been reading some bad reviews, about it causing depression and death by DVTs !! Ive got the gp on Friday so hopefully he can give me some info xxxxx

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I can only speak for myself of course but I had no issues on it. I’m no longer able to take the pill in any form now even if I wanted to (that would be pointless anyway considering what I’m trying to achieve lol) because I have blood clotting issues but if you don’t have any underlying problems in that area I would have thought it would be a very low risk. All medications carry potential side effects xx


Hi ICSIBaby86. This is strong stuff, so I would definitely get it cleared by your GP/specialist before taking it. You GP will probably be able to prescribe something else to help the acne, so see what he/he says. Good luck. Diane

Hi ICSIbaby, I’m just curious. I had fibroid removal in June and only had to wait 1 cycle before IVF/ISCI again. May I ask why they’ve said for you to wait so long? I will have to add I had 1 fibroid that was 1.5cm and done through TCFR. My specialist is treating the surgery as a scratch.

Sorry you have to wait so long. Hugs for you.

Hiya mine is 5x6 cm so I need an open myomectomy and it’s a 6 month recovery before we can start again. It’s too large to remove through keyhole ! I hope your surgery went well :) all the best for your next cycle xx

Oh OK. Good luck with your surgery. Sorry you have to wait so long. 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

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