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Tested progesterone day 19

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Following on from my previous posts. I’m so thankful I had the sense to ask to be tested on day 19 and day 21 & grateful my GP obliged. I thought I had ovulated early so asked for a progesterone test on day 19.

My day 19 came back at 60.1 & day 21 came back at 28.

I understand 60 to be a satisfactory result. For any of you who just go and test progesterone on day 21 on Docs advice, it’s worth checking out when you ovulate first and then do the test seven days from then.

Tested my FSH & LH today (day4 of cycle) so just awaiting those results. Trying to stay positive & hopeful. Excited for this new adventure xxx

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Hope all your results come back soon and healthy x

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Emmyeve in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thank you so much, me too xx

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