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Advice on progesterone test - should this be done on the day of transfer or the day before?


Hi everyone, I’m just looking for some advice - after really pushing my clinic (explaining that I just need peace of mind and reassurance) they have finally agreed to test my progesterone on my next round if I pay for it.

Im really happy they have finally agreed after refusing previously but just want to be sure it’s tested on the right day. They’ve said they don’t think it needs testing but will do it on the day of transfer and I’ll get the results the following day. I just wanted to check if it’s ok to go ahead with this or if I should be requesting it the day before so I know on transfer day what my levels are? Thanks in advance!😊

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I had mine 2 days before egg collection and its meant to be low. Mine was 1, doc said it was perfect. I also had estradiol and LH checked. Hope this helps xx

Yep low progesterone for egg collection because if it was high it would mean you'd ovulated. I think original poster was talking about testing progesterone levels prior to transfer which should be much higher

Thank you and yes I’d like to know about testing progesterone levels specifically before transfer to ensure it’s high enough xx

I had my progestrone checked the day before transfer. Our of 6 rounds of ivf this was the first time I had progestrone checked and it came back low. I pushed for progestrone to be increased but my clinic refused, saying the amount of progestrone in your blood is not reflective of what's in your uterus. In the end, as this was our last donor egg left, we decided to do it our way. I had loads of medicine saved up over the years so I just increased it but more than double.i was taking progestrone though subcontantious injections (lubion), pesseries (cycolgest) and intramuscluar (lentogest). Guess what? It worked. I'm pregnant on my 6th try. We had 5 donor embryos altogether. The first 4 were the stronger embryos and were transferred 2 at a time. They didn't make it. I'm certain this was because of low progestrone. The one that made it was the weakest of the donor embryos and I'm certain it made it because of the increased progestrone. I dont believe I absorb progestrone properly. I think there are many women who dont. Go with your instinct. It worked for me. X

L2213 in reply to Rainbowhope

Thanks you so much for sharing and huge congratulations on your pregnancy really lovely news. I already feel better going into this round knowing it will be tested and I’m going to have cyclogest twice a day and lubion injections daily too - it’s so nice to hear success stories and good for you for following what you felt was right 💕 congrats again and thanks for sharing your experience xxx

Rainbowhope in reply to L2213

No problem at all. I just wanted to say lovely Scarlett13 wrote lots of amazing posts on progestrone testing so see if you can find them. She said her clinic did trials. They found that the absolute gold standard for progestrone intake is intramuscluar injections. Next its pessaries and then lubion. If you're not scared of needles and if your progestrone comes back particularly low ask for intramuscluar injections. Be a warrior and advocate for yourself. I wish I'd done it sooner. X 3👌🤞😘❤

L2213 in reply to Rainbowhope

Thank you 😊💕xxx

My Dr did it two days before. It needed adjusting. Then he tested on day of transfer again it needed adjusting. Then tested a week later. I ended up having prontogest.progesterone in oil and cyclogest.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply it sounds like having it tested before transfer day would be better to allow more time to increase it if needed, thanks again for sharing xxx

My last cycle I requested to be tested and they agreed to test on day of transfer and the clinic said levels were fine,I did get a BFP and asked for my progesterone to be tested again when I went for my HCG blood test and sadly I had a chemical,my clinic did say actually yes your progesterone levels were on the low side so now they have agreed for me to add in a progesterone injection in addition to the pessaries and they are going to test the day before transfer this time. Wishing you all the very best of luck xx

L2213 in reply to Clairenix

I’m so sorry to hear about your chemical, it’s so frustrating especially when something like progesterone seems simple to fix. It sounds like you have a good plan for your next round, wishing you all the very best I hope it all works out for you xxx

Also, of your clinic is reluctant to test, there is an online company that you can use. You do a finger prick, send the sample off and get the results two days later. I think it costs about £50. PM if you want the name.

Dreambaby in reply to ChloeDE

Hi Chloe, thanks for your useful tip. My clinic refused to monitor my progesterone level before my last FET transfer. Would you mind PM the name of the company please? Many thanks!

Hello well done for pushing on my first FET they said it didn’t need testing. Like you on my second I pushed for it for my piece of mind - they tested day of transfer and it was low so I started and increased dosage the next day which they said was in time. I’m on 3 pessaries which I was already on, now also on an probtogest injection every 3 days... whether it’s just this but it’s worked I’m 5qeeks and I have to continue it all till 12 weeks, testing on transfer day will be fine. I then asked for a repeat which they did a week later to check it’s increased enough and it’s all ok. Xxx

L2213 in reply to amandac84

Thanks for your reply and congratulations on your pregnancy, really lovely news, everyone has been really helpful in replying and reassured me that I was right to push for this test. As the test results won’t come back to me until the next day I think I’m going to ask for it to be tested the day before transfer so I’ll know by the transfer whether or not I need to increase it. Thanks again xxx

My clinic said 2 days before as you would preferably need the extra progesterone by transfer day - plus they don’t stock it so you’d need to arrange for a delivery or find a pharmacist who does and then it needs ordering too. I can’t imagine having that worry on day of transfer to be honest so try for 2 days prior if you can xx

L2213 in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll ask them to bring it forward!xxx

My clinic and doctor do not believe in testing for progesterone as they say it’s unreliable and instead give progesterone and estriadol 4 weeks before frozen embryo transfer

L2213 in reply to Corchi

Thanks for sharing, my clinic don’t either but it’s something I’m worried about and wanted done for piece of mind xxx

My new clinic tests on transfer day as standard, mine came back low so they added Lubion injections which I started the next day. Seems to have worked as I’m now 9 weeks and this is my fourth cycle x

L2213 in reply to KiboXX

That’s lovely! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your wonderful news, really pleased it worked out for you 😊xxx

KiboXX in reply to L2213

Thank you ♥️ xxx

I had it 2 days before transfer and day of transfer. 2 days before it was ok and in day of transfer it dropped so they topped me up straight away. The embryo didn’t take for ya, but at least my numbers were high enough to give it a chance this time

L2213 in reply to Justus1

Thanks for sharing xxx

I tested my progesterone during my last cycle using medichecks online home test, it came back as 25.2 (I was on cyclogest and lubion injections) I was pregnant at the time but sadly miscarried, my nhs clinic wouldn’t test my progesterone wouldn’t discuss the result I got (and are still saying they won’t test progesterone for future cycles) I am due to start a second cycle (from scratch) and don’t know what to do! Does anyone know approx cost of the intra muscular progesterone please? Does anyone understand why some nhs clinics test and some don’t? Not sure if the test would have been unreliable? Any advice would be amazing thanks in advance 🙏🏻

L2213 in reply to Jem04

I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, that’s really tough. It’s really frustrating that some clinics won’t test progesterone. Mine said that it can fluctuate and that because it’s measured in different ways no consistency in what they look for and a blood test doesn’t necessarily reflect the levels in the uterus therefore they don’t test it but I can’t help but feel it’s had an impact for me. I’m afraid I don’t know how expensive the intramuscular injections are, wishing you all the best for your next round xxx

Jem04 in reply to L2213

Thanks so much for getting back to me! Going to contact them and try and explore my options! Thanks again xx

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