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When should i be taken off the progesterone


Women’s hospital have now discharged me following our successful 7 week scan. However, they have said I don’t need to take my pesseries anymore, but every blog I read most women don’t come off them until 10 weeks. Has anyone come off the Progestrone this early in their pregnancy?

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Was it a fresh or a frozen transfer? If it was fresh you’ll be producing progesterone yourself through the corpus luteum (follicle) remaining of the egg. So the weeks you’ve just had on the pessaries were probably just a boost. For frozen you tend to need the pessaries for longer as there is no follicle producing progesterone for you until the placenta kicks in at 9 weeks. Hope that makes sense x

WeeMrsH has described it perfectly. My clinic take you off a fresh cycle after your 7 week scan and say it’s just a precaution to stay on it that long and you could actually come off it after you get your BFP.

I had my BFP last week and was told just to finish the pessaries I had leftover (about 6 days worth) and then stop.


With my fresh transfer I was told to stop at 10 weeks and frozen at 12 weeks. It can do no harm and because of my history of miscarriages I stayed on them until 12.5 weeks x

Usually not until 12 weeks as by this time the placenta has taken over x

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