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What should my progesterone be?


Following on from my previous post where my day 21 falls on a weekend. My GP has kindly agreed to test on day 19 and 22 as I am pretty sure I ovulated couple days early this cycle.

Trying to research what a good reading should be so that I know I’ve ovulated before I take the results to my clinic but it’s awfully confusing. Can anyone simplify this for me?

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No idea mine was 29. GP said it was low. Consultant said it confirms ovulation and it’s fine - I’d like to know too xx

I think anything above 15 confirms ovulation, however it should ideally be above 30 for implantation to take place successfully x

Really? I’m reading anything above ten.

That might well be the case but some doctors may have a higher/lower cut-off at which they consider ovulation took place. Have you had your results yet? x

By the looks of things If it’s risen to 8-10 then that is the result for ovulation having taken place. I suppose no two women are the same. No haven’t had results yet. Had the test Friday and they are testing progesterone again Monday just in case we tested too early. Doc going to ring me with result. I’m only at the start but it’s super exciting 😄

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