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7 week scan


So this morning was the 7 week scan. Prior to this I posted about being worried about my wife’s cramping and thoughts were going through my head this was going to be bad news.... well I can say that there was a flicker of a heart beat and the scan showed good measurements 👍🏻. The relief was so overwhelming both me and my wife broke down in tears of joy. They said the reasons for the bad cramps was due to her ovaries being oversized currently which was mainly due to them still compensating for the follicles. (Didn’t quite understand this to be honest) 5 week wait now for 12 week scan and hopefully March next year we will be parents. Thought I would send this post for anyone who is concerned especially fathers to be who too suffer with this emotionally more than many think. P.S I appreciate the ladies do all the work and I am so greatful to have such a strong wife in my life.

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Great news :)

I am 9 weeks waiting for 12 week scan. Waiting is hard - but great relief when you get good news.

You can both relax for the weekend.


Absolutely delighted for you both! Congratulations!x


So happy for you! Best feeling in the world and the fact it’s measuring accurately is fantastic news x


Hi Sophandjim. Lovely to hear your news and that all is well. Great that you were able to enjoy watching your little “bean” flickering away, enjoying the scan together. Not too long for the next scan, which will amaze you both even more. Wishing you huge luck with the rest of the pregnancy. You sound a fabulous partner, so different from my early midwifery days when Fathers to be weren’t so involved. Diane

Congratulations so happy for you both! 🙌🏻 xoxo

Ahhhh amazing news congratulations xxx

I'm a husband and its easy to feel you're not part of the process, but when it goes wrong, you feel the pain all the same. We've had a rollercoaster of emotions these past years going through IVF. As a man, you don't have to do all the injections and procedures other than 5 minutes in a room with dirty movies or a magazine!! All you can do is support your wife and share the joy when it all works.


Congratulations 🎉 I'm so happy for you & really pleased that the scan showed good news. X

Great news. Thank you for letting us know all is well xx

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