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Day 6 injection - Short Cycle

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Hi guys , so I’m on day 6 and let’s just say the injections haven’t got any easier . I’m really hoping this does work as I won’t be able to do this again for at least another year Was just thinking actually my husband is the one with an issue ( extremely low mobility) but we weren’t offered an option of ICSI. I know a lot of people start with that and then end up on IVF but do people ever do the reverse?

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Maybe it’s not too late to ask about icsi over ivf now? I’m assuming that they’ve done a semen analysis or taken a sample as backup and that they must be happy that his semen is sufficient enough not to warrant icsi? xx

Agree with tugsgirl, definitely question why they aren’t suggesting icsi- it does cost more though.

Re the injections, the time will be gone before you know it. Thank goodness you are not in long cycle!

Thanks girls .. yes they have done a semen analysis and have a sample . I’m almost done with injections now .. today is day 10 and egg collection is on Wednesday . Nurse says everything has gone very textbook including the follicle numbers and sizes which is good so hopefully it carries through ..😊

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