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Well after seeing my nurse and agreeing that we would start our ivf cycle in October I have been eagerly hoping that we might just get a little miracle before we started... but now I’m totally confused as my period or what I think is has just started a lot sooner than it should have making my cycle this month 13days which obviously is really short only other symptoms have been breasts have been slightly sensitive :( I can’t phone the clinic until Monday but I suppose just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this before embarking on ivf... also should mention that I have been diagnosed with v.low amh and a blocked tube

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  • I had a period as normal in June, then 16 dayslater another one, then 28 days later a normal period, then started jabs a few days after.

    i hoped by some miracle i would be pregnant before treatment too. I think that's normal. Maybe our cycles are messed up with all the stress of imminant ivf. X

  • Nice to hear someone with a similar story ... :) thank you

  • Hi Sophbee. Unfortunately this can happen and we don't always know why. Hopefully you've spoken to your clinic today for some guidance. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane ... yes had a scan and turns out have a cyst so guess that might be why ... my estrogen level is also high so I have to wait another month to see if the cyst goes

  • Hi. Oh I do hope so, but if not it can eaily be drained? Fingers crossed you don't need to. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Following up from last convo I am more confused than ever going to call clinic tomorrow as so far no sign of a

    Period and it’s been 36 days since my last bleed which was 13 days early - I have done pregnancy tests and have all come back negative could this be cyst causing this? I have also been getting slight pains in my side but nothing major and feeling a little bloated.. trying not to get to worried but feeling like my body just hates me!!

  • Good luck with your call to the clinic xx

  • Hi Sophbee I really really don't mean to worry you but have you had your bloods done to check HCG level to rule out the possibility of an ectopic? I'm sure it won't be this but just to be extra cautious? Hope you get some answers very soon. Xx

  • Probably silly questions how would this affect hormone levels?

  • Not a silly question! Sometimes an ectopic can take longer to show positive when testing. A blood test can detect smaller levels of HCG than a HPT. I didn't test positive with my ectopic until day 34. I am sure this won't be the reason for your delayed period but just with you mentioning the pains in your side I thought it was best to say to you even just to rule it out. Xx

  • Thanks .. have got appointment to see nurse tomorrow so hopefully things will be clearer then :)

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