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Day 6 injection - Short Cycle


Hi guys , so I’m on day 6 and let’s just say the injections haven’t got any easier . I’m really hoping this does work as I won’t be able to do this again for at least another year Was just thinking actually. My husband is the one with an issue ( extremely low mortality ) but we weren’t offered an option of ICSI. I know a lot of people start with that and then end up on IVF but do people ever do the reverse?

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Hiya! I totally agree....they are not getting any easier....its painful and I've run out of space already! I am on DAY 6 Short protocol too...due to PCOS, sorry I cant help with ICSI...but just stopped by to wish you all the best and praying for you.

It is difficult but hold on just a little will all be worth it once we see our little bundle of joy!

Good luck xox

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Awww hi fellow Day 6er 😊.. we should do pull through this one together ! My first scan is this Saturday and I’m hoping the follicles are growing okay as I really do not want to have to extend this... I was so sure I felt my ovaries reaching out to the fyremodel this morning haha but might just be in my head... all the best to you too and I’ll have you in my prayers ❤️

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