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Embryo transfer cancelled at GRI - What happens next?


I am wondering if any else who has attended the glasgow royal infirmary has had their embryo transfer cancelled and what happened next?

I was on a short protocol icsi but got cancelled at the transfer stage due to thin uterus lining, luckily I got 7 embryos frozen. We were told at the time I'd need to have two bleeds before doing a FET and we'd get a letter confirming. I've not had anything from the clinic yet but it was just over two weeks ago. I just wanted to know what anyone else'sexperience was before I call them.


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Hi I was also lucky enough to attend the acs at the royal. I had a fresh which ended in miscarriage and when I wanted to transfer my frozen embryo I had to wait at least one cycle and then call on the day of my period. They always say they cant guarantee that you are taken that cycle but so far for me I have been. I hope you have been experiencing the same amazing service I have. Never hesitate to lift the phone to them they are always so kind and deal with any crazy question as if its completely normal. Seven frozen is amazing. Best of luck.xx

Thank you for your reply. I'm so sorry to hear about your misscarriage and hope you are doing OK.

They have been brilliant at the GRI Im just rubbish on the phone so like to call slightly prepared. My only other concern is waiting till I get my period. With my irregular cycles that could mean waiting till October and I'm not sure I've got the strength to wait that long especially if there is the possibility they won't be able to fit me in. But I shall bite he bullet and call tomorrow.

Thanks again and take care.

Good luck with it. You are in very safe hands. X

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