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FET Timeline? Any help please!

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Hello lovely people.

Hubby and I are due to start our first FET on my next cycle. We have waited a little while as I was quite poorly after the fresh cycle and so I can barely remember what was said in our last consultation. I know we have good quality eggs and we will have a medicated cycle because my natural cycle is quite unpredictable.

Would anybody’s be able to give me an idea what the timeline for the cycle would be, please? I’ve googled but no luck. I am determined not to let IVF take over our live and with that in mind we have a lot on over summer- just want to check if I might be wise to move a few things around!


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I find the FET much easier, not that I’ve had success yet. I know every place is different. Where I am on day 21 I get the prostap injection, 2 weeks later I go for a scan to check the lining is thin. If ok start on tablets which you continue on right until test day or 12 weeks if successful. Start a nasal spray on day 12 of that and back in a fortnight for another scan. If ok the embryologist calls in the afternoon and books me in usually about a week later. During that week I stop the spray and start the pessaries. Hope this helps x

I have PM’d you!

Hi nona,

You often take a few injections for the first week/2weeks of your period and pessaries/patches at same time (oestrogen) to thicken lining.

On day 21ish they will check lining (scan) and then usually a week later is your transfer (in between u take progesterone pessaries and continue )

So basically start to finish is within one cycle (one month)

You often only need one scan and then transfer following week. So far less troublesome than a fresh cycle.

Hi Nona this is what happens at my clinic. On day 1 ring clinic to say period started and book in consenting appointment. Day 21 start buserelin injections 2 weeks later have a blood test to confirm if you have shut down. (You should have a bleed before blood test) 2 days later get results and advised to reduce buserelin and start tablets and patches. 2 weeks after that scan to see how thick your lining is, if lining is good start pessaries and stop buserelin and 3 days later have transfer. It's around 35ish days from starting injections to transfer. Xx

Hiya nona im currently near the end of my fet cycle i go for transfer tomorrow eeeeeekkk... nerves are kicking in now my cycle sounds a little different from the above.. but mine is also a medicated cycle i have 3x day 5 blasts on ice.... on day 1 of my period i rang the clinic and on day 3 i started taking progynova (oestrogen) 3 tablets a day 2mg each i then went for a lining scan on day 9 ....on day 15 I introduced lubion injections (progesterone) daily as well as carrying on with tablets on day 21 been tomorrow is when they advised i have a transfer .... i have found the fet far more relaxed than the fresh cycle ... wishing you lots of luck with your treatment Xx

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Thanks so much- this sounds about right. They did talk to me after the last cycle but in honesty it was the same day as my negative test result so it didn’t really go in.

Thanks for all the replies everyone x

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Glad i could of helped put your mind at ease i was exactly the same its feels like alot to take in at the time but once your taking your tablets and youve had your scan transfer will be there before you know it .... lots of luck lovely 💖 Xx

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Good luck to you! Xx

Hi, I'm currently waiting for AF to come so I can start my medicated FET. I'll be taking buserelin to put me in a menopausal state from day 21 of my cycle for roughly 2 weeks. I'll then be scanned and I'll start oestrogen patches for a couple of weeks, then another scan and will be booked in for transfer (if lining looks good enough) - once I know transfer day, I will start progesterone pessaries. So from AF coming, roughly about 40 days...and then obviously the 2WW. It will be my first FET, but by the sounds of it, hopefully it will be less tough as a fresh cycle. Wishing you the best of luck xxx

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