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FET when to take oestradiol?


Hi all just a quick question that I’m hoping someone has the answer too! The way my clinic does things is they told me the once I got my period I have to start taking oestradiol in the next Sunday. My question is my period has started today on a Sunday so do I start taking oestradiol today or next Sunday? Obviously I can’t ask the clinic because it’s a Sunday! Bloody Sunday! 🤣 any advice appreciated! Huge thanks xxx

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I think it depends on what protocol you are on. I had a fully medicated long day 21 protocol so started injections on day 21, then had a scan two weeks later and they told me I could start patches the next day. Sorry not to be any help.

This is a tricky question, so not fully answering your question but from my experience, I have had medicated FET protocol twice and I start oestrogen on the day my period starts. The other protocol I'm aware of is the one Hidden said. So as I said not fully answering your question.

That’s odd@next Sunday.

Well assuming your period could have started tomorrow and then you would have started oestrogen 6 days later?? I’m assuming one extra day won’t hurt. Call them tomorrow.

My oestrogen protocol started day 2.

It’s basically to keep the first phase of your cycle extended to thicken lining so unless you’re prone to spontaneous ovulation on day 1 of your period (!) I think your safe ☺️x

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