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Premature Ovulation during IVF


Hi, I had egg collection on Friday as part of my 1st round of private IVF. They didn't get any eggs, and immediately after egg collection, they tested my blood and the results showed that I had already ovulated as my progesterone was high. It seems from initial conversations with the clinic that this still counts as 1 round. I can't help but feel cheated as surely this should be something that's checked by clinics before egg collection? Does anyone have any experience of this or think that I have a case to get another cycle with the clinic free of charge?

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Hey grainne84

Sorry to hear that never heard of that before. But didn't the clinic measured your follicles during your scan? If they did then they should know that they were not grow. Hope they get it correct next time. Good luck

Yes, my last scan was on Wed, i.e. 2 days before EC. Scan showed 5 good sized follicles, and eostradial levels were in line with that. I'm thinking that maybe I have ovulated between Wed and Fri.

God you must be gutted! I can't think how they can possibly justify this as a cycle if you have ovulated. The whole point of the scans is to make sure they do egg collection at the right time. I still would argue that isn't a full round and would have to give you another go and monitor you more closely this time! Good luck.xx

Were they scanning you and counting your follicles? It is standard procedure to check how many follicles are growing. There is no guarantee of eggs but I agree that in your case the protocol didn't work as they didn't give you the correct medication to stop you ovulating. It is worth trying to get another round.

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I was given medication to delay ovulation. Are you with a reputable clinic?

Yeah I'm with a reputable private clinic in Belfast and they gave me a prostap injection that's meant to stop ovulation but something has gone wrong along the way and I'm not sure what. Have my review apt next Tues so hopefully I'll find out more then. X

Hi. I realise this is a very old post but what happened in the end, if you don't mind me asking?

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