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EPU on Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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So yesterday I posted a reply about my experience of norethisterone and delay in getting a bleed after stopping it. This morning I thought I would do a clear blue just to be on the safe side, coz I knew I wasn't pregnant...completely wrong, 2 x tests come up positive!! I'm booked in to EPU on Wednesday probably too early to see anything but with my past history didn't want to take any chances. Praying this one sticks and all the tablets have not caused any issues xxx

9 Replies
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Wow congrats. That's a great miracle

My sister fell pregnant last year after taking norethisterone. She'd not planned it but apparently cycle after makes you very fertile. She now has a little girl turning one this week. Congratulations :)

Oh wow. That's amazing. Congratulations. Hope all goes well xx

Amazing news x

Wow, congratulations!xx

Great surprise. Congratulations xx

Wow. Good luck for tomorrow xx

Amazing! Congrats xx

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