EPU scan tomorrow

On Friday 13th nonetheless. Nine weeks. Hopefully we will see both babies are ok. I know I should just be grateful even one is in there but I've seen them both now and they're both our babies and I want them both to be ok :( so nervous as my nurse at the clinic seemed to basically tell me to focus on the bigger one, which makes me think she isn't hoping much for the littler one? And everything I've read says how common it is to lose the smaller one. So anxious :( just want everything to work out good for once for both of them.

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  • Wishing you luck today, hope everything is ok x

  • Thinking of you tomorrow. Hope it all goes well.

  • Good luck tomorrow xxx

  • Good luck for tomorrow xxxxx❀

  • Wishing u all the luck in the world for tomorrow xx

  • Really hoping things go well tomorrow-will be thinking of you xxx

  • Hope things go well tomorrow at your scan KittyK. I know a couple who have just had healthy twins who were told early on that one was very small and might not make it. She did though so I hope this is the same for both your babies. Take care of yourself xx

  • Hope things go well and that they are both fine.

  • Will be thinking of you x

  • Good luck x

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