FET on Wednesday

Soooooo flying out to Thessaloniki Tuesday for FET on Wednesday! It's our one and only Frostie and I'm 45 now so they won't be collecting any more of my eggs so I'm feeling the pressure!😳

After saying to one of the girls on here yesterday I've had no meds side affects it all changed and yesterday morning I threw up, in the evening I cried and this morning I've had diarrhoea!!😩I guess all that could be stress & nerves to tho!!

I know positivity is key but I'm not feeling it at all!! Wish I could feel differently.just don't know what I'll do if this doesn't work.

Wishing everyone well and lots of BFPs all round xxxx

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  • Come on little Frostie! Hope you manage to relax a bit in Greece too. Probably just what you need. Put your feet up today if you can xx

  • Thank u-it's a quick turnaround-we fly back Thursday as last time I just wanted to get home after! Trying to get all prepared today so tomoro isn't such a mad panic xxx

  • Sooooo much luck Hun, hope it all goes well and you enjoy soaking up that much needed vitamin D in Greece, everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank u x

  • All the very best hunny, get that positive head on, you got this, this is the one,fingers toes everything crossed πŸ€žπŸŒˆβ€πŸ’‹ I will be thinking of you when I have my six day scan on wed🀞😘😘

  • Oh good luck to u 2 my dear xxx

  • Good luck! I've got mine Wednesday too. Soooo nervous and hope it thaws ok xx

  • I'm so anxious about the thaw!! Fingers crossed for both of us!! Xxx

  • Wishing you all the best! I so hope this is your time xxx 🌴

  • Thank u x

  • Good luck, will be thinking of you xx

  • Hopefully once you get out to Greece you can relax a little and enjoy the sun. I will be here as my fet is Thursday and a few other ladies with the looks of it xxx

  • Best of luck to you to Hun xxx

  • Have a safe journey & will be keeping everything crossed for you!! Xxx

  • Thank u Hun x

  • Good luck!! Hope all goes well xxx

  • Thank u x

  • Everything crossed for you lovely, come on little Frostie!!! Xxxx

  • Thank u x

  • Washing you all the very best 72cloud9!! Hopefully once you get out there a bit of sun will do you the world if good and hopefully help you to relax!! Safe flight!xx

  • Thanks. Only there for 2 days but yes hopefully the sunshine will be good xxx hope u r doing ok xxx

  • In doing fine. Down regulation for me at the moment so tired and emotional but ok thanks!xx

  • Good luck xxx

  • Good luck to you!! πŸ€ 🀞 X

  • Sending lots of good luck your way. Get your hubby massaging those feet on the plane! πŸ˜‰Xx

  • Good luck, will be keeping everything crossed for you.x

  • Good luck for tomorrow 🀞🏻🀞🏻safe travels xx

  • I hope everything went well, Cloud! Looking forward to your greece updates with fingers crossed xx

  • Thank u! Little Frostie back on board xxx

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