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Last time I took norithsterone I bled the first day after I stopped taking them, I’m now 3 days after and still waiting 😫 after waiting for a natural period for almost 50 days I’m beginning to feel like something is wrong and what the docs have told me isn’t happening correctly... I may be overthinking but has anyone else had this different swing of reactions after a fresh cycle, preparing for frozen?

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Hey, can't believe you have posted this as I am going through a similar situation! I've taken norethisterone and have been waiting now 5 days for a bleed!! So annoying. I'm due to start the pill on day 2 of my cycle ready for my FET. I have until the 20/7 for my bleed to start and then I will be out of the window which would mean a wait of 3-4 months for another date for FET. I've heard it can take up to 2 weeks for a bleed in some cases...I'm too scared to take a pregnancy test, about 2 years ago I didn't get a bleed and found out I was pregnant. It ended in a mmc at 8 weeks 3 days. I don't feel like I'm pregnant this time, so I'm going to wait a bit longer xxx

Montgomery2 in reply to JKT90

They did a pregnancy test for me before I started taking the tabs.. so for me I know it’s not that... just all the injections for my Fresh has messed everything up 😫 prior to IVF I was regular as clockwork

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