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Clearblue vs first response

So like I said I have become a serial tester as I still can't quite believe it.

So am confused...

Clear blue digital says 2-3 weeks but according to others factors I should be 4w5d.... So what's happened am I to be worried if it isn't bad enough waiting on the scan I get this thrown at me.

Hubby would be mad I tested again but for us this isn't just a lucky break is a flipping miracle.

Am I being silly

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If it says 2-3 weeks pregnant on the display that means you are 4-5 weeks pregnant per the doctors dates.  Hope this helps 

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Thanks hon... Nothing is ever simple ☹️

I thought in that case timeouts have said 3+ or am I clearly missing something


No if you read the leaflet with the test it explains the results.  For it to say 3+ you are actually over 5 weeks pregnant 


The 2-3 on display is number of weeks since conception so when you add two weeks on you are 4-5 weeks. Spot on :) Relax and enjoy xx



Right no more testing its driving me doolally.  Going to sleep for 2 weeks 😬


Hi Tamtam

These digital pregnancy tests can be a bit of a gimmick.  If you google what your hCG levels should be around this time you'll see that the range in values vary so much which can make these a little inaccurate too!  After all your hard work getting to this stage it must be so diffcult not to worry, I can imagine the worry that you are going through!  All the best!x


Hi I should of told you not to use them

They are a gimic and not accurate at all babe. They cause more stress for no reason.  

OTD date would be four weeks... work out on a due date calculator how far gone you are x 

Just chill and enjoy this time x 


Yes, as others have said 2-3 means 4-5 weeks. Clearblue measures the HCG from conception whereas the GP would measure it from last day of menstrual cycle. Don't worry chin up. You're pregnant...


I got 3+ at 6 weeks.


Well if everything is as it says I am 4w5d today. So if I understood right 2-3 puts me at 4-5....


Yes, you're looking good, TamTam! Now step away from the hpts!!


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