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No tubes pain on right side


Hey ladies i desperately need help! I am 26 years old and I have had both fallopian tubes removed the last was December 2017. It is now June and on this cycle it started off with a watery pinkish discharge it felt like I had come on my cycle. And that lasted for about 3 days before I actually came on my cycle. My cycle lasted for about 5 days then I had sex and maybe an hour after I had fresh blood and three big blood clots. Very light bleeding bright red for about 3 days after that then it lightened up to light brown. So today very light brown when I wipe and pain in my right lower abdomen as if I'm having ectopic please help I don't have to so I'm sure I can't get pregnant what could it be. Anybody else have the same or similar issue??!!

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I can’t advise but I would consult your gp for advice xx


If you have any bleeding after sex, it is really important that you get a check up with your GP to make sure nothing is going on with your cervix.

Also worth taking a pregnancy test because if it is positive and you have pain, you should go to A&e.

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