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Ovulated from right side , 13 dpo left side pain


can some advice or share the info please?

I ovulated from right ovary,

9 dpo shooting pain, evening period like pain,

10 dpo mild abdomen pain, milky white cm

12 dpo very very light spotting(pinkish, brown with cm) tmi when i wiped

13 dpo (TODAY) I have mild left side pain, No spotting or bleeding so far..

I don't understand why I get ovary pain when am nearing my period, also why my left ovary pains when i ovulated right?

Didn't test yet, I thought am out this month as I got pre AF spotting ,sometimes i get spotting 2 days before my periods but i never get ovary pains near my period. Am bit worried.. its not like unbearable just a mild pain.

someone please?


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Hi luv2017.Sorry to hear about your confusion over the pain etc you have been experiencing. My thoughts are that if both your ovaries are healthy, then you produce 15 or more follicles between both of them each month, with one releasing a mature egg . It might be that you are ovulating from the one, and also may have a bit of an active cyst on the other one that could be causing the pain. The milky white discharge is probably the action of your oestrogen on your cervix, creating mucus for sperm to swim in. The brown might be a tiny bit of old blood from when you ovulated, leaking through your Fallopian tube, womb then cervix. Might need to have a scan to check your ovaries out?? Hope this helps and good luck! Diane


Thanks so much..

Today is my period due and its not shown yet.. will wait and test later today or morning first urine..I don't have any symptoms yet. can I ask GP for the ovaries scan? I live near Edinburgh ,not sure any private does that and about the cost..



Hi luv2017. Your GP can request a scan if he/she thinks it would be beneficial. First urine of the day is best to test if possible, then maybe see what your GP has to say. Diane

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Sure Thanks so much for that...will ring my GP for the Appointment... Thanks for that..




quick question.. have you ever heard Iron supplements can delay period? i started to take 2 weeks ago, but after the positive ovulation, if I had a positive ovulation AF should show in 2 weeks right? I always regular cycle.. But once my period was delayed 14 days as I was taking Pregnacare, stopped it and my period came.. This cycle only difference was Iron supplements but after positive ovulation..


Hi luv2017. If you have been prescribed iron, then you need it, so carry on taking it. It shouldn't prevent your period from starting, it will help your blood anyway, so hopefully all will sort itself out. Diane


ya okie.. I think AF is gonna show anytime today..I just had spotting... Thanks for that


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