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EC morning

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Hi guys I’m on my way to Leeds seacroft for EC.

Hubby has been crying since yesterday no idea what has happened to him, he is really worried and nervous this time.

I just feel numb hoping for the best but expecting the worse.

My body feels really heavy and I’m aching having a shower was difficult.

I respect all the ladies who have gone through this journey. It’s defo not easy

Keep me in ur prayers my Fertility family and thank u for always being so supportive.

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Good luck! X

Thank u

Good Luck!!!! :)

Will be a relief when it is over. Thinking of you guys.


Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you x

Cross your toes aswell plz I need it lol

Yes ma'am :)

I go there! They are lovely, good luck xx

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strong-girl in reply to penny24

They are lovely ur right nice and calm

Thank you guys I’m feeling very nervous sat in this waiting room

Wishing you lots of luck xx

Good luck hun! You got this 👌💪❤

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strong-girl in reply to Niki_B

I’m going to use my muscles lol

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Niki_B in reply to strong-girl


Good luck!! I remember that feeling very well!!! Xx

The feeling in ur stomach like something is in there trying to get out xx

That’s the one! And I was a nervous wreck!!

When all was done I thought why was I so worried!!

I never knew anything what was going on!!

Honestly you’ll be absolutely fine xxxx

Good luck today. Xxx

Good luck strong-girl. Xxx

Good luck xx

Good luck to both of you. Try and relax. Leave it Gods hands. You have done everything you can. Thats what I always kept telling myself. You will be fine. Xx

Good luck - thinking of you both xx

This journey is definitely not easy but you’ve got this

Good luck, hope it all goes well xx

Wishing you lots and lots of luck 😊 I hope all goes just perfectly for you today. Also sending hugs out to your hubby - such a stressful process for everyone xx

Hope all goes smoothly and you get the best news you and hubby have an enormous hug sending my very best wishes to you both x

Good luck! Let us know how you get on!x

It’s not easy but you’ll be ok. Good luck for good numbers xx

All the best for today hope it goes well 💗💗💗 xoxo

Sending lots of luck and positive vibes xx

Good luck xx

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