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EC on Monday Mid morning

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Hello Ladies,

I had my final scan yesterday morning, only 7 follicles to work with... anyway I'm to take my trigger today at midnight. It's all soooo real now!!

Anyone else at the same stage or about the same stage as me?

I'm sure this coming week will be nerve wrecking as we wait for news of the embryos, let me not ramble on.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well ladies.xx

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Hi Im at the Same Stage as you I had my Scan Yesterday, I have 7 Follicles over 16mm and Few Smaller Ones, My Egg Collection is on Monday at 10 am So Excited and Praying for those Smaller ones to Boost up till Monday, Im Happy I have someone here at the Same Stage, Im going to be taking my Trigger Tonight also, I can’t wait Really Excited Im Praying for you too Hun hope we get our Success 😍 do get me Updated with your Treatment xx

Ahhhh this is brilliant! Wow, I'm not alone in this 🤗 Oh I'm praying for you too, I'm nervous excited and scared all rolled in to one. I wasn't told the measurements of the follicles, don't know why but I'm hoping it all works out on Monday. Please let me know how you're getting on and I'll do the same. Xx

Yeah Hun Im Happy I got a Friend on the Same Stage 😃 Im Surprised they didn’t tell you the Measurements but I Pray they are the Best of Best, Keeping Everything Crossed for You and Myself 😍 will surely Update you with EC, Hoping we get lots of Good Eggs xx

Wsishing you luck for Monday!!🤞🏻xx

Thank you so much Cinderella5 xx

Good luck for Monday, you got this!!

Thank you ✨

Hi dear

I had my EC last week and had 8follicles ! Now on the tough 2WW again! Wish u all the best on your EC and a great,successful ET to u on the next week! Take care! 🤞🤞🤞🤗🤗

Oh wow! I hope your 2ww is going well and you get the best news after. Wishing you all the best xxx

Thank u! Wish u all the luck in the world as well! xxxx

Good luck for egg collection xx

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Thank you so much xx

Hello... well done for getting this far, such a rollercoaster! I had my egg collection on Friday. Should get a call tomorrow to see if any fertilised! I wish you all the best. If I were you I would find out your measurements etc, it’s good to understand it all moving forward xxxxx

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