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PCOS advice needed



I have finally been diagnosed with PCOS and shockingly they’ve told me to lose weight but when I said I was struggling they looked at me as though I was lying. I’ve done loads of reading and it can be a catch 22 whilst the symptoms ease by losing the weight the syndrome makes it difficult to lose in the first place.

Is it worth going back on the pill even though we want a baby just so I can lose the weight?

Did anyone else try anything different?

Any advice would really be appreciated feel a bit overwhelmed with what to do next to help myself.



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I totally understand that as I to have PCOS and find my weight yo yo’s. I was really strict with my diet and exercise to initially get the weight off but since actually starting my IVF it has been difficult to keep it off. I didn’t go back on the pill so couldn’t comment on that but hope whatever you do works for you x

Hi I've been diagnosed with pcos as well and they talked about going back on the pill. I was quite honest with my dr about really not wanting to do that- they referred me to the fertility clinic and prescribed three months metformin instead-I'm not sure what we do after three months and it's still going to take some pretty strict dieting but the idea is it help balance out some of your hormones to help with the weight loss. Good luck x x x

I have Pcos and struggle to lose weight it takes so long but I’ve done slimming world which was great lost around 1 stone and half and then when starting my ivf put about 2 stone on from the stress amd over eating again it’s so difficult you just need to try and find something that works for you.

Good luck hope you find a solution xx

Tranters in reply to Emmad781

Thank you xx

Hi Tranters,

What you wrote sounds really familiar! I'd been on the pill from 16 years old (nearly 10 years) when I came off so we could start trying for a baby. I gained about 2 stone with no particular changes to my diet or exercise and I was pretty worried about the sudden weight gain. I found out that I had PCOS at the end of last year and that one of its side effects is insulin resistance; which can cause weight gain and make it really hard to lose weight.

The doctors advised me to start losing weight and since December I've lost about 18lbs and kept it off. Every woman is different but I've done it by;

1. Batch cooking healthy meals at the weekend so everyday I can take a healthy meal to work without being tempted to pick up snacks or buy something quick but unhealthy (this can be time consuming and I've found my weekly shop more expensive as 5 portions of fresh fruit and veg every day isn't cheap :( frozen broccoli has been a life saver!)

2. Replaced all my drinks with water and drink at least 1.5-1.9l of water a day

3. I'm lucky to live in the country side so I go walking 3 times a week. I find it helps calm me, I'm not as self concious as i would be in the gym and I actually burn more calories than I do on a treadmill as I'm enjoying the fresh air. I listen to a mindfulness podcast as I walk so the time doubles up as being exercise and a mental health break.

4. Getting friends involved to help with a challenge. I have 4 really supportive friends and we've set ourselves the goal of climbing Snowdon this summer. Having a literal mountain to climb has pushed me to get fit and having a group to support me has been so important.

5. Getting a set of weighing scales and putting it in the bathroom. I don't weigh myself obsessively everyday but I hop on at least once a week so I can see the progress I'm making- it was really slow going at first but now I'm doing a lot better.

Sorry for the essay and sorry if you're already doing all the stuff I've mentioned. I know a lot of it is common sense (eat less, exercise, set a goal, drink more water and have a support group) but I hope that knowing someone else really struggled too but found a way through helps.

Best of luck x

Tranters in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thank you! Xx

LegoBatgirl in reply to Tranters

You're welcome, keeping my fingers crossed for you x

I've been taking metformin, which combined with a low carb diet and regular yoga practice has really helped. I've lost half a stone this year though was just about in the healthy weight bracket! Periods still v irregular though so don't know if it's helped but I feel better about myself which is good.

Hi there

I feel your pain....I’ve got both PCOS and an under active thyroid so found myself working doubly hard. I did get referred to a dietician who said she could recommend some tablets prescribed by my doctor which would help with weight loss which I think helped slightly. Just did mega exercise (I started cycling a lot), ate fruit in the day and salads in the evening. It was hard but I managed to lose 4 stone. Just is so frustrating when you work so hard at diet and exercise all week and you lose like a pound! Just got to keep plodding on and persevering. I did join weight watchers as I needed to get weighed in every week to keep myself on track (so much harder doing it by yourself).

The nurses are very strict, I remember one cycle I was 10 grams over and she only just passed me for the cycle...I didn’t think she would at one point...I thought that was quite harsh cuz it wasn’t like I was a few kilos over..it was a few grams...after losing all that weight I was made to feel really small which I think was unfair.

Good luck!


It is super hard to lose weight- I found the only way that I could do it was to use an app. Initially I used my fitness pal but then I used weight watchers. I lost over 12kg which was about 15% of my body weight. I ignored their branded products as I don’t buy into that but it made me realise how much I was eating even though I had a “healthy” diet. Exercise will help motivate you to eat healthily and is great for your heart and wellbeing but by itself without diet changes, it rarely causes weight loss.

To avoid putting the weight back on, it has to be something maintainable- not a diet but a lifestyle change. My portion sizes are smaller and I’ve recognised some of my emotional links with food. Good luck- it’s hard work but can be done. Xxx also be kind to yourself in the process- if it feels punishing, it won’t work. I used to lose about 1-2lbs a week and have kept it off for 6months now.

Hi dnt mean to jump on ur post and im no way selling u anything but i have just lost 3 stone on the joe wick diet.. i paid for the health plan it worked fab with pcos due to being very close to the low GI diet.. i am more than happy to send it u xxx

Tranters in reply to Mrsplant

Thank you that would be amazing! Xx

Email me at kpnut120914@gmail.com and i will send it 2 u

Tranters in reply to Mrsplant

Done and thank you again x


I hope you find something that works for you

I had to lose two stone to start my treatment, which was a big struggle. I tried lots of diets and not much work.

I eventually did it only to find out half way through my cycle that I have PCOs, which would explain why I found it so hard.

The only diet I found that worked was harsh, but did the job

I eat three small but filling meals a day, no carbs after 3pm, no snacking, no food after 7.30pm and 2 litres of water a day.

Plus 30 mins of cardio 6 times a week.

This may not work for you, but I hope you find something that does, it’s not great when your weight is holding you back x

I’m struggling to lose weight too! Especially as I work shifts at the hospital, I don’t have any choice but to eat late. X

Hi. I don’t have experience with PCOS but I have noticed that since becoming vegan I have not experienced PMS at all. In fact, it’s a total surprise now when AF arrives. I don’t get that week of symptoms build up anymore. I think it’s the lack of dairy that has been the difference. My hormones are just much more balanced. My hubby and I went vegan at the beginning of the year just because we thought we’d try it and see how we went. My hubby has lost over two and a half stone and feels fantastic. We both feel fantastic. It’s quite a big change and you have to make sure you get the right nutrients and take additional b12 but we won’t be returning to our previous diet at the moment because it works for us. It might be something to consider. Anyway, just thought I’d share as it’s a natural way of balancing things out and losing weight. The other bonus is I’m happier than I’ve been in years. Considering we lost two embies last year and closed the door on having our own child, I think that’s quite something. All the best with your journey. x

Trying to lose weight with PCOS is horrendous. My best advice to you is don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Sugar is the main problem but don’t cut it out completely as any kind of crash diet will negatively effect your fertility. I upped my water in take, tried to stay away from processed snacks and puddings and just tried loads of different ways of exercising. I didn’t lose a huge amount of weight but I did feel better in myself.

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