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Shrewbury fertily

Im just posting as i would love to meet people who r attending the same hopsital as myself. My journey as been ling n had some difficult times but me n hubby r not ready 2 give up onthe IVF yet

Ive done

9 months of clomid

Had ovaries drilled

Did a fresh ivf n oshh

Placed in 2 frozen embryo it failed

Got preg naturally but unfortunately we lost twins in Aug at 11weeks

Just done 5 months of letrozole

I had 8 eggs left in freezer so will be addimg 2 more in oct 2018

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Hi Mrsplant, I'm not using the same clinic but I've just joined the community and wanted to say hi and wish you best of luck with your October FET


Aww thanks thats really kind of u

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Hi there, I’m also at that clinic too 😁 xx


Hi lou.. what stage are you at?? Im from telford and spent lots of time at clinic as u can probably tell from my journey. I really like Shrewsbury the staff are lovely even tho ive seen a few leave since i started going.


I’m at this clinic too. Have been since 2014 with one fresh cycle failure and one successful frozen cycle. Currently preparing for a Frozen blasto transfer in which we hope we get a sibling for our little one. The clinic is fab, looking forward to starting next month at the new premises. Although a bit nervous as the old clinic felt a bit like home by the end of it all last tine!!

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Awww we started our journey in 2015.. yeah i know what u mean i feel like it know everyone.. but it will be nice to have the embryos placed in a bigger room and not have someone in the bed so close next to u.

Its also sad to see some of the ladies go i loved gwen but she as gone and i struggled a lil with claire when i 1st started but she began to grow on me and now shes retired.

I deal alot with Rosie now


Aaw has Gwen gone? Gutted to hear that. Is Ros still there do you know? I saw Claire a couple of times and must admit wasn’t overly keen. I always tried to get appointments with Ros as she really made me feel at ease. Very nervous starting it all again tbh.


ROS is still their gwen left on ill health.. u will b fine starting again xx


When r u hoping 2 go in for transfer


Glad Ros is still there. Happy to hear that. Poor Gwen.

Scratch in July and Transfer in August.


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