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Follow up consultation after failed cycle


We had our consultation this morning and I came out of the appointment feeling positive but as the day has gone on I feel a bit down. It’s the waiting that gets me. I had a couple of blood tests and we have to wait two weeks for the results before knowing if we can start round two at the beginning of July or whether we will need to have more tests and delay treatment. I know in the scheme of things a few months isn’t too bad but I struggle with the waiting. About 5 of my friends and SIL are giving birth in the next few months and I’m obviously happy for them all but I’m struggling not to feel like our position is hopeless and worried how I will cope with visiting family and friends with new babies. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay positive when you are between treatments? Also if you had a failed first cycle did you do any more tests before a second?

Appreciate any words of wisdom! 🙏🏻xx

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Im with you on this one the waiting is awful. I just take each day by day, not over think things, try to stay positive, plan nice things to do, and remain hopeful that when its your time it will be your time...good luck my dear xxx

JenKath in reply to destiny121

Thanks! I’ve always been an over-thinker and I think this process has only made me worse! I’m stuck in a rut of worrying about what we will do if it doesn’t work! I don’t think it helps that I am at home on my own a lot as I am trying to apply for a new job! It’s good advice to plan some nice things to do - I will definitely do that once we know when we will start our next round. Thank you 🙏🏻xx


Hey I am in a similar situation - we have our follow-up today.

The waiting kills me most - the treatment I can manage just the waiting is torture.

So I understand you 100%.


JenKath in reply to Hidden

Wishing you all the best for your appointment- hope they have positive things and steps for your frozen cycle!

I agree - the waiting is so much worse than the treatment. I think it’s because it’s better to feel like you are actively doing something to get you closer to the goal and when you are waiting it feels like time is just passing whilst your life is on hold! It seems worse after an unsuccessful round too!

With you in the waiting! All the best xx

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