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20 week update and scan photo attached

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Yesterday we had our 20 week scan everything looking good and baby growing as she should. Starting to feel flutters the past few weeks and are getting stronger although my body is changing this still feel so surreal, I can only well too remember the heartache and pain of this journey only a year ago we had our first appointment to start our first round of ivf September 2017 which sadly was not meant to be and had nothing left over to freeze I was in a mess and ended up signed off my work sick for a month with bad depression I eventually picked myself back up again and visited a new clinic which offered a refund package 3 goes of an ivf cycle unlimited frozen embryo transfers if lucky enough to have left over embryos from a fresh cycle financially we could not just live in a hope that next time would work as we did not have the funds to keep paying for ivf at over £5000 a time and never work. Access fertility took our financial worries away a granted if no baby at the end then we would get full refund back luckily me & my husband were accepted for the 100% refund package of course the refund was not what we were wanting. In January 2018 I started the whole process February Saturday the 10th I got my bfp which today this day feels like am dreaming. Me & my husband were sick extremely lucky that it worked for us 2nd go, I would like to thank everyone of this forum who have supporting me and I wish use all the best💗

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Love, love, love this post!!!! 💖💖💖💖

Aww fab news congratulations!!

I have my 20 week scan next week feeling nervous and excited.

It is surreal isn’t it..

half way for you woohoo xx

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I know not long now until there here xx

Brilliant!! 😍

Lovely pic xx

Congratulations xx

The best news! So many congratulations and well done for being so strong throughout everything. Hoping that everyone else on here has similarly lovely ends to their stories xxx

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Littledee88 in reply to LR16

I pray for each and everyone that they all get there dreams to come true. Good luck on ur journey xx

Great photo XX

Big smiles!!

Yeyyy what a great pic!!😍xx

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Hi Littledee88. Just seen this. Perfect scan, all looking good with lovely teeth and spine well developed. Sorry to sound medical, but that's what I do. Just wanted to wish you well with the second half of your pregnancy. Your little flutters will soon turn into little kicks, then BIG ones! Diane xx

Thank you for all ur support xx

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Such a gorgeous scan. Congratulations- what a wonderful outcome for you xx

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Littledee88 in reply to Hidden

Thank you xx

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