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Advice on ivf with low amh count 2.4

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So we have been trying for few yrs, was told last Aug following lap that had stage 3 endo and my ovaries were pretty much fused together...following 3mts of horrible prostap injection surgeon was very hopeful we would fall pregnant naturally..but amh count is extremely low at 2.4..... Went to one hospital in southern Ireland for advice...didn't get to see the consultant who actually specialists in ivf..a junior doctor who held no real understanding of my endo n who left the room to get advice from the main consultant.. She returned saying I only had one option.. To start on ivf straight away..that my amh reading meant my ovaries very struggling + I have no time to loose!

I opted to go to Northern Ireland for a 2nd opinion... N was told there that,taking everything into account (he took time to read my notes!) that I have less than 5% chance that ivf will work n that I should b looking at egg donation instead..that my ovaries were pretty much on a menopausal state.he felt my endo was back and may need another lap asap (awaiting results of mri taken yesterday to confirm this)...then he said but miracles do happen n people can get pregnant naturally with single figures amh.

Am so lost! Naturally I want to hold on to the hope that I could have my own baby that will have a genetic link to me. . But I honestly feel the other doctor is right and I should b looking at donor to give a baby the best chance.... I can't afford to do both.... I called the south back to advise I am waiting mri results n possible lap b4 booking a consultation to start ivf and explained what I had been told about my chances...they pretty much said I should try my own eggs first that I may get one or 2 good ones n can always go do donor than!! I explained I would need to remortgage my home to afford both! They don't seem to get it at all!! So lost don't know what to believe or who to trust I hate that it may all come down to money but I will never raise that type of money.. Just feel my last bit of hope has just been destroyed...

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I know how you feel, I’m a low amh 2.7 ish IVF patient. I’ve now done 5 rounds of ivf and from that only have one good quality embryo which we will transfer in July. We did transfer 2 poor ones from round 2 but BFN. And we have 5 frozen poor ones which the clinic hadn’t wanted to freeze but I made them as backup. I’m heartbroken really, but know that I now probably have to go to donor route. I don’t know if I’m truly unlucky or whether my experience is quite representative of my amh levels. Either way it hurts. I’ve had slightly better experience with natural modified ivf (read through my previous posts) and it is cheaper than normal maximum dose ivf due to much less drugs. So you may wish to consider that of you try with your own eggs.

I’m looking abroad at donor, as well as considering the uk. Abroad is cheaper which I guess is attractive.

Big hug, I’m here if you want to ask anything xx

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Thank you... Am exactly like you..heartbroken... All I have done this wk is cry... But I know I will destroy any chance I have if I don't stay positive. I have heard of a clinic in Dublin that do things the natural way but neither of the consultants I spoke with could give me any advice on actually dismissed it completely! There is no public funded ivf in Ireland so I know whatever I do its going to b a one chance thing I won't get years n years to keep trying...I just wish I had totally misbehaved in my 20s instead of finding myself like this at 38! Other than back pain I have no bad pain n my surgeon couldn't believe this given that it took her over 4 hrs to complete lap...she retired last wk jus for extra bad luck! So can't even speak to the 1person who seen how bad things were in there!!

I wish u all the best! I will follow ur post see how things go for you with donation if u opt to go that route

We are about to embark on our first IVF treatment with my eggs despite being advised donor might be our only option as my AMH is very low at 1.1. After being devastated by this and giving up hope and not actively TTC when being told our chances were so small I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks later. I sadly had a miscarriage a month later but it gave me hope that I can get pregnant so we decided to keep trying naturally for a few more months before going back to our original plan to try with my eggs first. I was determined to try with mine first to see how I respond and have been taking supplements to improve egg quality, donor ivf is my back up option.

I don’t qualify for nhs funding due to my AMH level so we decided to go abroad for treatment in Czech Republic to keep costs down if we end up doing more cycles, I’m doing a natural modified protocol which is €1150 and including the cost of meds, flights and accommodation we’re looking at £2-2.5k in total. So if you’re concerned about costs take a look abroad. There’s great forums of Fertility Friends if you want to find out more about clinics abroad and others experiences. I’m hoping it works for us.

Wishing you lots of luck whatever you decide, but don’t lose hope xx

Thank you for replying. Wow that's an amazing difference in price! It's so horrible that it all comes down to money. consultant explained that in Belfast the total cost covers counselling etc...which he said was a big part of it. I can understand why feel like am going a little crazy overthrowing everything this wk.. Do you get that type of service overseas?

I don’t think you’d get counselling but the costs abroad are so much cheaper when compared to UK clinics and they often include things in their standard price that UK clinics would charge extra for, e.g. ICSI, extended cultivation, embryo freezing. You could always arrange counselling yourself if you feel it would help. A place I went to here for consultation quoted £13k for 3 cycle egg banking so comparing that to the cost of doing 3 complete ivf cycles in Czech Republic, it was a no brainer for me. I’m reassured by the fact that the clinic I’m going to is highly rated, has great success rates and treats of lot of patients from UK and US and a lots of clinics abroad have standards equal too or better than clinics here. I will start taking my meds on 1st July and have a few scans locally before flying out around 9th July a few days before egg collection, in all I’ll only be away for around 7-10 days xx

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Sometimes I feel the consultants just don't know your chances. Amh confuses me - we have a fairly normal number and still cannot manage to concieve...

One thing I have leaned from this forum is people have success against all odds.

Wishing you best of luck! :)


I was diagnosed with a very low AMH - 1.3 when we first started having tests about 4 years ago. I was advised we had about a 5% chance of success and we should consider donor eggs. We decided to try our own first and got pregnant first time but unfortunately the baby was really poorly. Even though my AMH was low and I didn't have many follicles I responded well % wise with the number of eggs from my follicles. The same consultant encourage us to keep trying with our our eggs and after round 6 we are now 16 weeks pregnant. It's very difficult though because the financial burden is huge. I wish you the best of luck.xx

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