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Tube clip ?


Hi all ,i had my left tube clipped on 24th april this year and since been back this mount and was told that i had very good chance getting pregnant naturally now and was started on meds for 3 mounts to be taking day 3-5 of cycle .I was due to get period day of surgery but never did but after opp i had light brown spotting from 24th-1st may then 1-5th like a very slight pinkish colour bleed not worth wearing pad for now im not sure if that was my period or if its normal after surgury so i was bk up for review wensday and exsplained this to doctor he agreed it could be normal bleed after surgury it was not period now if thats case im 39days over my cycle im scated to do test tho case i ginks myself i am having slight pains in lower tummy and back .I am curious to know anyone exsperience same kinda thing ?

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