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Heath hospital cardiff


Hi all

we have recently been accepted for NHS treatment at the Heath hospital in Cardiff and had our first appointment in March. Everything went really well and we were given another appointment for this week. The consultant said that at this appointment we would go through dates and then start - we will be having ICSI.

However they cancelled our appointment two weeks ago and we received another letter today to cancel the new appointment as well. We now have to wait until the end of June. No explanation given.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is anyone else being treated at the Heath?

Feeling really frustrated at the moment, I know this isn't anything big just another appointment. It is just hard after nearly 4 years of going thought GP visits, tests after tests and waiting to be seen and now having appointments cancelled and pushed back. Finding everything really difficult at the moment.

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Sorry that your appointments have been cancelled it must be hard to be geared up ready to start and then be let down are you able to accept appt at short notice if they have a cancellation ? If so make sure they know this x


My wife and I are having treatment at WFI at the Heath, we have had the disappointment of cancelled appointments too. It's very frustrating, we also had to have tests done again etc because they had gone missing. The nursing team are lovely, found most of them really helpful. Don't be afraid to phone and be a bit pushy with them. We phone and nag them quite a bit (we spoke to the service manager at one point to raise a couple of issues) and they don't seem to mind!

We've just had our first round of IUI which sadly resulted in a early miscarriage, we know that our next try won't be for a while as there is an issue with ordering in donor sperm, so not sure if this has had a knock on effect for others.

Good luck and fingers crossed all the waiting will be worth it


Hiya, how frustrating that is. I was in the heath last year but got transferred to Port Talbot just before my egg collection and find them much better appointment wise. See if you can switch if it carries on x

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