More Tests!!!!

Well had all my initial investigations blood tests, HSG, internal scan and hubby had sperm test etc. Today we have our first appointment at our actual chosen clinic for another internal scan and more blood tests and to book another sperm test. Does anyone know roughly how long it will be after this until we get started (been waiting since Jan) Thanks x

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  • Depends on waiting lists/situation I think. once we had been told IVF was the way forward it's happened pretty quickly as in a few months. Not sure if your clinic is same but we had an information evening and after that it's only been a month an due to start next week! Hope it goes quick for you xx

  • Hi Button 123.

    When we went to our chosen clinic they didn't do any more tests even though we were expecting them. The consultant was happy with the tests that had already been done and i think also because im 37, he said the only real option was IVF. This was the 31st August and I am going in for my Embryo Transfer today, so for us it has been a quick process once we got to the clinic. Good luck with everything. Xx

  • Good luck with your ET fingers crossed for your BFP X

  • Thanks for you replies hopefully we may find out more today. I am 36 so hoping its going to be sooner rather than later x

  • Once we actually got to the clinic the wait was only for nurses appt for drug training (had t wait nearly a month for it), then you call and start the day of your cycle. As it happened my cycle was a tad late, so the nurse put our drugs on express delivery, I started less than 48hrs later. Good luck x

  • Once we had our first IVF consultation it was my following full cycle that we started IVF drugs. It's quick once you get initially seen x

  • Well been had all the tests (again) Hubby has sperm test next Monday then they said approx. 2 weeks.

    I was fuming though I had an internal scan today and its the same waiting room as pregnant people having regular scans. Sat for nearly 2 hrs watching happy couples come out of the scan rooms with scan pictures all excited. Anyone else think this is an insensitive place to make people with fertility issues wait or am I just being OTT.


  • I know what you mean. When I miscarried( natural miracle pregnancy) I had to go to the local maternity hospital. It's hard work at times as you can't help that green eyed monster popping out now and again.You just have to stay positive for you and be happy for them as hard as it is at that time. Xx

  • Hi button, at my hospital we had to wait a while for our second appt - the doc said 6 weeks but turns out they didn't understand the waiting list... I did manage to get a cancellation though when I phoned up to enquire why my appt hadn't come through so I would say if you haven't had an appt through in a couple of weeks then phone to chase. Once they had decided on ICSI (following hubby's second sperm test) then things went quite quickly - 6 weeks to nurse appt to show us how to inject etc then another couple of weeks until AF arrived and I started injecting. I agree with you about the being scanned around pregnant people. Before I was formally referred to the clinic my GP sent me to local mat unit for a scan and I was surrounded by pregnant women and all sorts of posters on the wall. It really felt like it was rubbing it in. When we finally got our BFP and went for out 7 week scan they did it at the IVF clinic and we were extra conscious not to come out of there all happy and smiley. Good luck with everything - hope it all works out well!

  • Thanks Lynn and huge congrats on your BFP xxxx

  • This has been really helpful thank you. I am just about to have another operation to remove my Fallopian tubes and only then can we start IVF. But it's taken us 2.5 years and three other operations previously to get to is point so it feels like forever. It feels as if it's been one thing after another so it's reassuring to know that once you actually get to the clinic for IVF that things appear to get moving quite quickly. I'm new to this website and have found it so helpful so I'm currently scrolling through trying to find answers to questions I have as whenever I'm with a consultant or doctor I'm so busy taking in what they're telling me next that when they say 'any questions?' I seem to draw a complete blank when really I have hundreds. So thank you all, I really appreciate it :-) xxx

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