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Feeling too much pain

Hi everyone i want for my pickup on Monday 7th April and since than uptill now i have pain, pains like is difficult to pee and toilet, can't even walk good! is it normal? I called my doctor on Tuesday 8th and he said i should lie down, which have been in bed since than but i still have the pains. And am suppose to do the transfer on Saturday 12th! Should i be scared it going to be reschedule? Less i forgot i had 20 embryos. Sorry about my writing am not so good with it.

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Did u get this pain after egg collection?


Yes after i get home 3 to 4 hour later


I think some pain is quite normal but maybe not so much to the extent of what you say... i would want this checked out before any transfers... have you told your clinic... i would speak to them and see what they recommend..... goood luck xx


Have booked an appointment for tomorrow to see what going there, just just abit scared is not happening on Saturday


I totally understand.... but it will be much better to know you have more chance of success if you need to wait longer.... hopefully its nothing to worry about and transfer can go ahead..... but on a more positive note if you have to wait then its in your best interests x


I understand and agree thx


Hi Abies

I had a very similar feeling after egg collection last month we got 15 retrieved and I was in a lot of pain right after OP like worst period pains and pains when going to the toilet.

I also began to hyperstimulating and blew up like a ballon.

Unfortunately I was too swollen for them to go for the transfer which I was obviously upset about however there was no point making myself worse.

So our little guys are off to the freezer and I will begin a frozen cycle later this month.

Not sure if this helps you any.

I have heard people that have been able to go through to transfer on the Saturday with no issues.


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