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Down reg scan - cysts

Hello again,

I had my first down regulation scan today after sniffing Synarel for three weeks and they found a cyst in each ovary. They took my blood to test for oestrogen levels and I have to wait till tomorrow afternoon to find out whether or not I am allowed to start my stimulation injections as planned on Thursday.

Has this happened to anyone else? What was the outcome?

Feel like I’ll never get to the end of an IVF cycle at this rate. Was delayed last month due to a polyp (which then miraculously disappeared) and now cysts. Shouldn’t complain though, as I know a lot of you have been through worse!

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Hi there,

This happened to me and I was devastated as my previous cycle had been cancelled due to poor response. However, my estrogen levels were low (they do this to check it’s not a leading follicle). Turned out to be a cyst so was able to carry on, the cyst dispersed naturally however they said if it wouldn’t they would remove it st egg collection. I went on to have 11 eggs collected so didn’t affect the cycle, however eventually ended up with a bfn and starting again next week. Wishing you the best of luck, I think it is common to get cysts after down regulating. I googled natural ways to disperse ovarian cysts and not sure if this helped or not but worth a go xx


Thanks for replying. Hopefully my oestrogen levels will be low! Good luck with your next cycle.

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Hi. I had 2 cysts but was told not to worry about them as they're quite common. Everything went ahead as scheduled and they never mentioned them again! Xx


That’s great to hear, thank you!


And I got a BFP on otd!


Fantastic! Congratulations. Were your cysts on the same ovary, or one on each?


I think they were the same one. The nurse told me they only mention them when they're quite big so naturally I was worried even though she told me it was nothing to worry about! Good luck going forward with your cycle x


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