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Confused now!

I caved and tested a day early using a Clearblue which said “Pregnant 1-2”

My OTD is today but I’ve got to go to an early meeting with a client so my partner and I agreed to wait until tomorrow to do my “official” test.

I’ve just done a sneaky one with a cheap test strip but it’s come back negative, not even a hint of a second line. I’m panicking now but can’t talk to me partner as we agreed not to test today in case I got upset before the meeting.

Is it likely the cheap test is wrong or could the Clearblue be picking up on the tail end of a failure??


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Should also have said that my partner knows about the Clearblue result yesterday and is really happy


Hey. Congratulations on your positive. Just remember that a negative can be positive but a positive is always a positive - if that makes sense.

Try to put today's test out of your mind and do your proper test with your first morning pee tomorrow (again with clearblue). It may well just be that the strip test you have is not sensitive enough or just not working.

Congratulations and good luck for tomorrow. Xxx

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I think it's really good that the Clearblue came back positive!! 💙 💙 If it was me, I probably wouldn't trust the cheap test strip, it might be a duff one!! Try and not to worry too much about it and test again tomorrow with a better test. Your levels yesterday would have been quite high for the Clearblue to detect it.

Good luck today at your meeting.


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Thanks - that’s put my mind at rest. My plan is to test tomorrow with the test kit the clinic provided and if that comes back negative I’ll do a Clearblue as well...

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Clear blue is always more accurate. Cheap tests tend not always to show the complete picture. Fingers crossed for you ❤️😘

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