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Second attempt


Hi everyone. I'm new to the group and just wondered if anyone could offer their input.

Our first round of IVF failed at the very first stage. Unfortunately, none of my eggs fertilised. I was absolutely devastated and had a really hard time afterwards. I think I was just really shocked at it failing so early on in the process.

Anyways, it's been almost three months and I thought I was feeling much better so decided to give round two a go. I only just started the injections on Saturday (4 days ago) but I have been so emotional since starting and I just wonder if we've rushed into it too quickly.

I know it'll be normal to feel more nervous the second time around, I was Mrs Positive the first time, but at the same time I'm not sure I'm ready to hear more bad news.

Did anyone else feel this way before trying again?

Thank you!


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Hi Becky, I think we all feel a bit more subdued going into treatment after a failure. I feel its our way of protecting ourselves as we actually know now that things can go very wrong which I dont think I was aware of. Well I knew that obviously it might not work but all of my embryos died in my first cycle before transfer. I think this has put a dampner on all of my cycles after but I knew I couldnt let that let me stop trying....not yet anyway!

Did you ever get to the bottom of why they think things went wrong last time? This may give you some reassurance to know that somethings could have been worked on in between for a better outcome. If you feel ready then go for it, its ok to be wary and a bit worried or scared. Wishing you lots of luck!xx

Thanks for the reply Cinderella5 and sorry to hear about your experience.

I know what you mean. I felt like I knew it might not work but I always thought any bad news would come later down the line, not at the first hurdle.

Yeah, I've been told that basically my eggs were too thick (sure that's not the technical way of saying it haha), this time it'll be Icsi so it's not like I'm out of options and I am thankful for that.

It's only been 4 days since I started the injections again but I feel like 6 cried in 4 days is excessive....feel like such a drama queen!

When do you think you'll try again? It's hard to judge when enough time has passed.


That's great that they were able to give you a reason so you can at least know that little piece of the puzzle can be resolved by another method. Being emotional.....I think we've all been there and that's normal - we're just scared! I think we have every right to be a drama queen now and then, this is a big deal that we're going through!!

Ive been through a few more cycles now and still chasing that magic BFP....but still chasing!!

Good luck xx

Thank you and good luck to you too xx


Hi BeckyWall85. You sound pretty normal to me, and I'm really pleased that you are able to try again after such a huge disappointment. I really just wanted to wish you all the best and for a positive outcome this time. Thinking f you. Diane

Thank you!

Hi hun

I know how you feel I had 15 eggs and none fertilised, I’m still so unsure about my second round but will also be going for icsi this time round.

It’s hard to be strong but what can you do. We can only hope for the best.

Xxx stay strong

Thank you! So sorry to hear you had a bad experience too. Fingers crossed for Icsi. xxx

Hi Becky,

The exact same thing happened to us. None of the eggs retrieved fertilised. I was so focused on preparing myself for the tww that I didn’t even see this coming.

I had a couple of sessions of counselling (offered as part of the NHS-funded cycle) which helped.

We are now in the middle of our second cycle (icsi this time) but it took me a while to really get the courage to do it again because the emotional heartache was just too hard to get over. Like some of the other comments have said, this journey is such a rollercoaster - the way you’re feeling sounds reasonable and normal!

Sending you lots of luck for your upcoming cycle xxx

BeckyWall85 in reply to KDA0510

Thank you for replying, it's good to hear of similar experiences but obviously sorry you didn't have any luck the first time either!

Fingers crossed for this time!! You'll have to keep me posted as I think I'm probably only a few weeks behind where you are.


Thanks so much!

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