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Is there any hope?


So today we had our follow up appointment after another failed round of IVF with ICSI. Previously we'd been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. After our 1st and only NHS round failed we had further tests and found my husband had high DNA fragmentation. He saw a specialist and we both made massive changes to our diet. My husband pretty much reversed the high DNA fragmentation so we had high hopes going into our 2nd round. However we got 11 eggs, only 5 were mature enough for ICSI and we ended up transferring 2 on day 3 that were not great quality. Dr basically said today to try one more round on long protocol this time and different drugs but if that was not successful then we need to consider other options. So it basically comes down to my egg quality. I'm absolutely devastated. Anyone had very poor cycles then a successful one? Clutching at straws I know and sorry to ramble. I just can't get my head around it xxx

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Yes I had a dreadful first round with only three mature eggs then changed from just menopur to high dose gonal f plus a little menopur, and got nine mature eggs on both my next rounds. They also switched me to a 37 hour trigger instead of 36 which really improved the proportion of my eggs which were mature, maybe ask about this as it wasn’t quality but lack of time causing my eggs to be immature when collected!

Thank you so much for your reply. They want to change me to gonal f this time too. That's interesting what you said about the trigger too. My right ovary by far produced the most and better quality eggs but there were so many immature ones too. You have given me some much needed hope. Thank you xxx

On this last round (3rd) which worked, it was my right ovary doing all the work too, and more than two thirds of my eggs came from there. I could really feel it by the end of stims, which had never happened before!

Hurrah that this round worked for you! I can usually feel ovulation pains on my right side too so perhaps my left is always lazy! This time I had a few that were maturing way ahead of the others and a load that needed more time but it was a fine balance as they didn't want to lose the bigger ones. I think by going on the long protocol it might mean my follicles all start from the same starting point and progress roughly at the same pace!

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