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6dpt and cramps - is this ok?


I had my FET last week Thursday with 2 blastocysts and today have started to get quite intense period pain like cramps which have been on and off the last few hours.

Is this normal? Is this a good sign? Or is it just side effects for the progynova and cyclogest I’m taking?

I’m really trying not to get myself worked up too much and I have given up on symptom spotting cos you can never tell with all the medications running around in your system.

I’m just counting down the hours till I can test next Tuesday and this is the longest nearly 2 weeks of my life.

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Hi ChloBo, it could be either the progesterone or implantation but it is common and perfectly normal so try not to worry. Wishing ou the best of luck xx

ChloBo84 in reply to Smang

Thank you hun. I’m staying strong and keeping to my otd to test. I did it with my fresh cycle, I can do it with my frozen ☺️ xx

Smang in reply to ChloBo84

Have my fingers crossed for you x

ChloBo84 in reply to Smang

And congratulations on your bfp! ☺️ Very exciting xx

The progesterone can make you a bit constipated which can cause cramps, could it be that?

I’ve not been at all constipated while on the progesterone this time or last time. Guess it could be trapped wind also? Who know 🤔☺️

I’ve definitely had trapped wind this time and am pregnant so that could be a good sign 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

So so hope so ☺️ only time will tell.

Huge congratulations on your bfp lizzie xx

Hi Dear

Even I am on my 6dpt fet with transfer of one early blastocyst with assisted hatching

But apart from dull twinges and pain I dnt have any sensations

I wonder if the embryo is still there in the uterus

My mind is going crazy

When is your test date

Mine is on 19th april

ChloBo84 in reply to Ssharu123

Don’t give up hope honey! My otd is 17th. I feel the same sometimes hun, especially after the failed fresh cycle.

Also, whereas I could see the embryo on the scan on my fresh cycle, this time round it was really tricky to find them so I had this little doubt in my head it was even there in the first place. Even with reassurance from the clinic team who did the transfer, I still had doubts. But I’m trying to stay positive and thinking lovely happy sticky thoughts for my little embabies ☺️

Good luck to you next week xx

Hi, I’ve been thinking about you and thought I’d drop you a line. How are you? It’s been ages since I logged on.

ChloBo84 in reply to Autumn2017

Hi honey.

Lovely to hear from you. I’m ok(ish), just trying to get over another bfn.

We’ve got a lot to think about now about where we go from here. Got a few appointments coming up with the clinic in next few weeks so that will hopefully clarify some things.

And how are you getting on honey? I so hope everything is going well for you xx

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve not been lucky yet. It’s so unfair. I’m doing well thanks, went to a hypnobirthing class yesterday and found myself thinking a lot about my treatment and how I’d found the website and your messages supportive.

I wonder what the options will be for you. If you ever get to a place when you’re wondering about adoption I have worked in adoption as a therapist and would be happy to talk about it.


ChloBo84 in reply to Autumn2017

Gosh, how long have you got to go now honey? How’s your pregnancy been so far?

I’m so glad I was able to help in just a little way while you were going through everything honey. Makes everything a little easier doesn’t it.

And thank you for that honey.

ChloBo84 in reply to ChloBo84

Oops, pressed send too early.

Really appreciate your support. At the moment we haven’t given up trying for our own little one, but adoption may very well have to be an option - which we will tackle head on and with open arms ☺️ xx

I thought it might be quite a way off but thought I’d mention it just in case. I’m 30 weeks now, I’ve been quite lucky I think with how it’s been. It took me a long time to accept that the pregnancy was here to stay. I’m feeling pretty good, even getting excited now. Take good care. Sending you good vibes, x

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