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YES! One step closer to actual treatment! Only got to wait another 4 weeks for my next appointment which will be to start my injections, I think?

But I thought that would have happened at today's appointment, but it was just to receive all the results for Hormone level, AMH Level, and Sperm analysis; (the bloods all came back good) and to receive a bit more info about IVF as I am now definitely 'qualified'...

Everything was great except for my AMH (eggs) level was nearer the low side, probably because I am 34; no longer a spring chicken. But I'm not to worry apparently, this is quite normal. :)

The fertility said that with people of my age there is a 50% chance, or success rate. Not sure if this is an accurate mathematical statistic, but I am not letting it bring me down. I'm sure that when 'normal' women try for a baby it's about the same kind of 'percentage'? Surely? Lots of women older than me by a good few years have had successful pregnancies, sooo.

Okay; so it's time to play the waiting game again! ..............................................................

Praying, praying, praying.

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Congratulations on getting one step closer! The wait is so hard. What treatment are you having? Standard IVF or ICSI? Our next appt is a pretreatment consultation for ICSI - not 100% sure what it means but hoping we'll be getting dates for when we start our next cycle (though trying not to get my hopes up too much!) Every time we go I ask 'how long?' and the consultant always says 'oh, not long..' but I need a more definite answer! Argh!

Smurf34 in reply to Bumble26

I'm sure it will all be worth it @bumble26 we need to be patient don't we and try to destress as much as poss. 😊

Isn't ICSI when the sperm is actually injected straight into the egg? Rather than IVF which is when they mix sperm and eggs together in a dish to fertilize themselves? Not too sure really 🤔

Yea I'm having IVF treatment. Hoping to start injections next month. 🤞🙏

I hope you get some straight forward answers soon 😊.

Bumble26 in reply to Smurf34

Yeah it is, but everything else is the same. Consultant describes it as IVF with an extra step for them.

Next month! That's so exciting! I find the closer I'm getting the slower time is passing. Just pray it will all be worthwhile one day. Wishing you all the luck in the world! I'll try and follow along x

Smurf34 in reply to Bumble26

I'm praying thanks chic 😊 I'll remember you in them as well. X

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