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Remaining hopeful & Trying again


Hi lovely people. Just wondered for all those who have unfortunately suffered a miscarriage like myself, how long it took for your period to return again? Following this how long did u wait until you tried again? Am def feeling stronger now and a bit more hopeful but know it still early days and though my miscarriage is def over am unsure what is next. Period used to be quite regular and now am unsure when it gonna start again and then when be ovulating etc. Any input be much appreciated please ☺️ x

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My period came back bang on time after both my miscarriages (first was 7w5d, second was 6w) but I think I’m unusual, other people have had delays. The first time, when we were still trying naturally, I waited for one natural period then tested the following month to ensure I was ovulating again, and I was, so I started trying again.

If you are having ivf, my clinic said that you need three natural periods after a miscarriage before having a full ivf round, my consultant said the unusual hormone levels could mean you’d end up getting fewer eggs if you start earlier. However, because I knew my cycle had gone right back to normal immediately, I only waited two months... my third bleed was the down reg bleed for long protocol icsi. I actually got the most eggs I’ve ever got and recently got my bfp.

Ace congrats to u and thank u for ur response. That is v useful. Cool hopefully I will be the same. Can’t see why not but who knows. I will be doing a FET again so unsure if beable to do it sooner as not relying on eggs 🤔🤔. We will see. Thank you. Good to know. Best wishes with you pregnancy x

Thank you and good luck for your next round xx

Hi, so sorry for your loss. After my first MMC my period also returned as normal and we to waited for 2 bleeds then start an FET. I was further along for my 2nd MMC and my period was around 1.5 weeks late from when I’d expected it. This time we’ve waited 6 months because I knew emotionally I wasn’t strong enough to put myself straight through more treatment.

As Lizzie says if it’s through IVF most clinics advise 3 bleeds but if your trying naturally I guess it would be when you feel your ready xx

Dreamingofbaby in reply to E_05

Thank you for this. So sorry for what uve experienced too. Is so devastating indeed. Cool 2-3cycles sounds ok. Thank u. Take good care x

I’m really sorry to hear of your loss. So devastating 💔

I had an early miscarriage last July at 4 and a half weeks. From the last bleeding of my miscarriage my period arrived on time ; bang on day 28; my periods have always been regular. I think most early losses shouldn’t dispute your cycles. You can expect the first period after a loss to be heavier; this is completely normal( the gynae doctor at EPU told to expect that)

Hope your cycles settle into a normal pattern again.

Again sorry you’ve had to go through a loss xoxo

Thank you this is good to know. Hopefully mine will be the same. Thank u for ur response. Take care x

Sending you so much love. I bled within a few days of coming off all the drugs at 7 weeks. But it did take a couple of months for everything to return to normal. We’ve waited 10 months before starting again for a mixture of reasons. It was harder on my husband than I realised; I’d needed at least the summer to recover from it all but we ended up just wanting a bit of a break and needing it.

As it happens we have ended up starting exactly a year from when we started last time. Well; if you’re gonna have a sh*t anniversary... may as well make it better or keep the crap time time of the year there! Both in a better place now.

I don’t think I’ll ever know if this was the right time. About a month after we found it hadn’t worked at the scan I was ready to talk about going again. In hindsight I wasn’t. I think I’d have been ready after 6 months; but we agreed to wait until after Christmas to discuss and my OH was struggling. I think it’s easy to forget this effects men too.

Good luck xx

Hey. Thank I for ur response. Sorry for ur experiences too. Does sound sensible. At first I thought I wanted to go straight back to it but I have decided to wait a bit too I thin. Good to have time out to recover for both us def right. See what happens I reckon.

Thank u for this. Take good care. X

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